The bond between humans and animals has always been an intricate one, whether it is gently grown over time or love at first sight. To celebrate this bond, Copro Gallery has teamed with Erica Miller and guest curator Matthew Bone to create a space where an eclectic group of artists has had the chance to express their love for their animal other halves.

Best Friends: Painted Pets is a commission group show benefiting the Best Friends Animal Society, with a portion of the proceeds going directly to the organisation. Best Friends Animal Society works nationwide, creating outreach programmes with animal shelters, rescue groups and its own members to promote pet adoption spay and neuter practices, and no-kill animal rescues. As well as a selection of their own pets, the artists involved have been painting shelter pets to help them find their well-deserved limelight; all artwork is available at Copro Gallery.

Best Friends: Painted Pets

Exhibition Dates:
December 10 – December 31, 2016

Copro Gallery

Bergamot Station Arts Complex | 2525 Michigan Ave | Unit T5 | Santa Monica | CA 90404

For more information and to see the full range of available pieces, you can visit Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, email Gallery Director Garry Pressman at

Participating Artists: 

Alexis Trice, Annie Owens-Seifert, Anthony Ausgang, Casey Weldon, Christine Wu, Corine Perier, Liz McGrath, Erica Calardo, Erik Alós, Geoffrey Gersten, Jean Pierre Arboleda, Jel Ena, Johnie Thornton, Julie B Emantsal, Kat Philbin, Kelly Hutchison, Krk Ryden, Luke Chueh, Jorge Macswiney (Macsorro), Matthew Grabelsky, McKenzie Fisk, Karen Hsiao (MISO), Nicomi Nix Turner, Nouar, Olivia De Berardinis, Peca Art, Renee French, Robert Bowen, Sergio Barrale, Sonya Palencia, Stefania (Stephanie Inagaki), Sugar Fueled, Suzanne Edmonson, Valarie Bermudez, Victor Castillo, Vinnie Cacciotti


Kelly Hutchinson – ‘Ole’


Jorge Macswiney (Macsorro) – ‘Untitled’


Jean Pierre Arboleda – ‘Wally’


Matthew Grabelsky – ‘116th Street’


Casey Weldon – ‘Moderne Kunst’

Kat Phillips – ‘Time’

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