Erika Sanada: Cover My Eyes @ Modern Eden Gallery


Modern Eden Gallery proudly presents ‘Cover My Eyes’, the highly anticipated solo exhibition of sculptress Erika Sanada. Rendered with beautiful significance and creative expression, each piece conveys whimsical contrasts within its storytelling. With playful undercurrents tugging heartstrings, Erika’s enchanting ceramic works ignite the imagination.

Erika Sanada: Cover My Eyes


Opening Reception:

Saturday, July 9 | 6–9PM

Exhibition Dates:

July 9–30, 2016

Modern Eden Gallery

801 Greenwich Street | San Francisco, CA 94133

For additional information, please contact the gallery directly: info@moderneden.com

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My work is about my fears and concerns. Growing up, I was always bullied by other kids, causing me to develop constant, uncontrollable anxiety. My parents got me a dog to help me cope; his name was Chapes, and we became very close. He made me happy and I loved him, but he had his dark side too. He would occasionally bite me, causing me to feel betrayed and sad. This experience led me to use a dog to represent myself in my work, having both a light and dark side. The dogs in my artwork all have unusual details – three eyes, two tails, extra legs and arms – that represent the anxieties that are still a part of me. The rats and birds present with the dogs are further extensions of myself and my fears. Birds, like my anxieties, are difficult to contain and control, and are always a part of me and my work. ~ Erika Sanada


About the Artist:

Erika Sanada was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Her early inspirations stemmed from creatures and characters of Horror films. In 2009, she received her BA in Communications and Design at Nihon University College of Art in Tokyo. After working as a commercial illustrator and a movie studio makeup artist, Erika moved to San Francisco where she received her MFA in sculpture. Since Sanada’s debut solo show at Modern Eden in 2013, her artwork has been published in Hi-Fructose Magazine, Bl!sss Magazine, and beautiful.bizarre.

Erika_Sanada_beautifulbizarre_002 Erika_Sanada_beautifulbizarre_003 Erika_Sanada_beautifulbizarre_004 Erika_Sanada_beautifulbizarre_005


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