Giulio Cinti Collaboration With Zonin1821: Art & Wine

Immerse yourselves in the captivating realm of art, wine, and culture as you uncover Zonin1821‘s meaningful collaboration with talented artist and sculptor Giulio Cinti. Delve into a world where creativity intertwines with tradition, where every intentional mold and chisel tells a unique story waiting to be discovered.

The imaginative direction of Giulio Cinti brings vitality to his work, infusing them with emotion and depth that resonates with viewers. We gaze, curious and intrigued by his artistic prowess. Through these collaborative efforts, a new dimension is added to the experience of savoring a glass of fine wine. Each sip becomes a journey through art and inspiration, and a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Coming together in perfect harmony, you are invited to explore a new perspective, and an opportunity to see the familiar in new light.

Giulio-Cinti-wine  Giulio Cinti Collaboration With Zonin1821: Art & Wine



Giancarlo Parolini
Head of Communication & Sustainability

Monica Colussi, Giulio Cinti’s Curator

monicacolussi@me.com | +44(0)7802647424

“This collaboration was born from the desire to tell the heterogeneous cultural heritage that we have been safeguarding for generations with a language that is complementary to that traditionally used by our sector. Art, like Wine, is a bridge capable of starting infinite dialogues, exchanges and stories. Art and Wine both express openness, sharing and otherness: they generate unique, personal and unrepeatable emotions in their users. In this sense, wine is art, passion and culture”, said Michele Zonin, vice president of the Group.


Creative Process From the Artist

My artistic journey has always been fueled by themes of ecstasy, the liberation of instincts, and the celebration of the divine through the Dionysian. Collaborating with Zonin has allowed me to explore these themes with renewed fervor and depth, connecting my art to the world of wine, a symbol of conviviality and ancient social rituals. Wine, in its essence, embodies the power to unite people, free speech and spirits, and transform a simple meeting into a sacred, almost ritualistic moment. Through my six works, inspired by Bacchanalia and Dionysian rites, I have tried to capture this metamorphosis, representing figures such as Dionysus, the Bacchae, and other key characters from the god of wine’s retinue.

With my works, I aim to express the profound connection between wine and the human need to consecrate moments of conviviality, elevating them to a level of sacredness. Wine has the power to dissolve, spread, and evoke an uncontrollable spirit of elevation and transformation, thus enhancing its ability to unite and liberate people in a collective experience of celebration.

Giulio Cinti

Zonin1821 Celebrates 200 Years of Italian Wine Culture with Art Collaboration at London Wine Tasting

Press // Blending Wine and Sculpture

Wine, an intergenerational bridge, inspires new artistic creations.

“With my work, I capture wine’s deep connection and its ability to elevate gatherings into sacred celebrations of life,” says Giulio Cinti, Architect and Sculptor. Cinti’s art explores ecstasy, instinct, and the divine through the Dionysian. His collaboration with ZONIN1821 links these themes to the social rituals of wine, making simple meetings profoundly authentic and ritualistic.

Cinti’s six sculptures depict figures like Dionysus and the Bacchae, each linked to a unique Cru. From Aquilis of Ca’ Bolani to Il Solatio of Castello di Albola, including Oltrenero Brut Nature, Altemura of Masseria Altemura, Deliella of Principi di Butera, and Octagon of Barboursville, wine becomes both inspiration and material. The sculptures invite viewers to engage, just as a toast reveals deeper meanings.

“This project showcases our cultural heritage through a new lens. Art, like Wine, sparks endless dialogues and stories. Both create unique, personal emotions. Wine is Art, Passion, and Culture!” says Michele Zonin, Vice President of ZONIN1821 Group.

For more information, contact Monica Colussi, curator of Giulio Cinti. Based in London, Monica has extensive experience in contemporary art, collaborating with renowned artists and curating major exhibitions. Her expertise bridges the gap between artist and audience, offering new perspectives.

This initiative is part of ZONIN1821’s engagement with Art and Culture. Last year, Castello di Albola featured “Parallel Dialogues,” blending art and wine through works by Fabio Calvetti and Armando Xhomo.

Technical Details

“The creation starts with clay modeling, defining the final form. The clay sculpture forms a detailed mold. Next, liquid resin is layered inside the mold, faithfully replicating every detail. Mineral aggregates and pigments are added for texture and color.

I integrate wine into the work using a mixture of micronized silica and wine, dried to form a pigmented powder. This pigment makes wine an essential part of the sculpture. Once the resin hardens, the sculpture is removed from the mold, refined, and polished,” explains Giulio Cinti, Architect and Sculptor.

Artist Bio

Giulio Cinti, born in Rome in 1990, has a distinguished academic and professional background. He graduated in Architecture from La Sapienza University in 2018 and completed a Master’s in Jewellery Design at the Academy of Costume and Fashion in 2017/2018. He further honed his skills with courses in anatomical drawing and sculpture under masters Giorgio Dante and Paolo Brozzi.

In 2015, he debuted his solo exhibition ‘Mickey ist Tot’ in Sperlonga, blending jewelry and sculpture. In 2021/2022, he completed ‘La Scultura di Tutti’ on Kickstarter, creating the bronze sculpture ‘Maria che scioglie i Nodi’ for Santa Maria delle Grazie in Rome. He also created a bronze bust of San Filippo Neri for the Parish of the Holy Trinity of Pilgrims in Rome and sculptures of the Four Evangelists for the Parish of San Pio X.

Giulio Cinti Social Media Accounts

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