Mab Graves: Atomic Candy Cosmonauts + Imaginary Menagerie vol.III @ Arch Enemy Arts

On Friday, April 1, 2016, Arch Enemy Arts proudly celebrates the opening of two captivating exhibitions, Mab Graves: Atomic Candy Cosmonauts and Imaginary Menagerie vol.III.

With an air of excitement and wonder running wild with color and vitality, Mab’s retro 60’s ‘Astro Girls’ invite viewers to journey deep into the odyssey of her imagination. As if that wasn’t already enough to ensnare your senses, the third installment of ‘Imaginary Menagerie’ is a veritable treasure trove of new works in a diverse range of creative styles from artists across the globe.

Mab Graves: Atomic Candy Cosmonauts + Imaginary Menagerie vol.III


Opening Reception:
April 1, 2016 | 6-10PM

Exhibition Dates:
April 1 – 30, 2016

Arch Enemy Arts

109 + 111 Arch Street | Philadelphia, PA 19106

IG: @archenemyarts //@pshillenn // @lawrenalice

For purchasing information and availability, please contact archenemyarts@gmail.com or call 215.717.7774


Mab Graves: Atomic Candy Cosmonauts Press Release

Arch Enemy Arts presents ‘Atomic Candy Cosmonauts’, the brand new solo exhibition from contemporary pop-surrealist artist and illustrator Mab Graves. The new collection includes nearly 30 new original works, many of which bring back familiar faces and beloved characters from Mab’s ever-expanding universe as they set off on galactic adventures to seek out new and unique kingdoms of life and discover the secrets of the cosmos.

**A note about aliens – throughout the entire series Mab chose to depict extraterrestrial life as these sort of giant, multi-colored floating protista, similar except in size to the very basic-celled microscopic organisms we have on earth which are in their own category, and not classified as animals, plants, or fungi. The choice as I understand it was a little scientific, i.e.: it’s much more likely the initial discovery of life in outer space will more likely be more similar to this sort of organism than it will be to the humanoid depictions in popular culture – and also a little aesthetic. In fact, the exact words she used to describe these organisms were ‘visually exquisite’.

Artist Statement:

“I have always had a deep passion for Science and all things 60’s Retro Space – so I knew that I wanted to paint an Astro Girl series one day. When I started the initial planning for my Atomic Candy Cosmonauts, I decided that instead of painting my own versions of classic pulp kitsch, I would do a blending of real Science with nostalgic Sci-Fi elements. I brought along some of my core characters like Farrah the pink fur girl and the crabby Caturn kitties as well as a brand new cast of Waifs and Petulant Planets for this adventure. I hope you enjoy the result – welcome to my Atomic Candy Cosmonauts!” – Mab Graves

mab_graves_beautifulbizarre_004 mab_graves_beautifulbizarre_06


mab_graves_beautifulbizarre_007 mab_graves_beautifulbizarre_008 mab_graves_beautifulbizarre_009 mab_graves_beautifulbizarre_010 mab_graves_beautifulbizarre_012

mab_graves_beautifulbizarre_014 mab_graves_beautifulbizarre_015



Imaginary Menagerie vol.III Press Release

AEA returns with the newest edition of its highly acclaimed ‘Imaginary Menagerie’ series. The Arch Enemy Arts official guide to cryptozoology returns April 1 with 16 additional artists, each using their own unique creative style to render and breathe new life into ancient legends and fabled mythological beasts.

Imaginary Menagerie first opened in April 2015, and our third installment brings our total number of participating artists and legend beasts to 55 in just 12 months. Vol. III includes new works by Jeremy Hush, Audrey Pondgracz, Mimi Yoon, Richard J Oliver, Robert Bowen, and more, and introduces 16 more fantastic beasts to the growing Imaginary Menagerie catalog like Japan’s Rokurokubi, a type of yokai whose necks stretch to nearly infinite lengths while they commit bad deeds and drink human blood, and the majestic Selkie, which is sort of like a werewolf, but with a seal. A were-seal. Awesome.  Arch Enemy’s ongoing effort to bring together artists from around the globe in a united effort to thoroughly document and study amazing beasts for reasons of science will continue September 2, with the opening of Vol.IV.

The full lineup for Imaginary Menagerie vol.III includes new and original works by Audrey Pongracz, Blue The Vigorist, Chris Haas, Chris Leib, Gabriella Barouch, Grace Lang, Gretchen Lewis, Jake Waldron, Jeremy Hush, Lana Crooks, Lauren YS, Michael Wohlberg, Mimi Yoon, Neil M. Perry, Richard J. Oliver, and Robert Bowen


Gabriella Barouch


Audrey Pongracz


Richard J. Oliver


Neil M. Perry


Chris Leib

The Blue Vigorist


Grace Lang 


Jake Waldron


Lana Crooks


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