Hanna Jaeun’s ‘On Borrowed Time’ + ‘The Way We Rust’ @ Arch Enemy Arts

On Friday, March 4, 2016, Arch Enemy Arts presents the opening of two exquisite exhibitions for a night sure to shine.  Celebrating Hanna Jaeun‘s solo ‘On Borrowed Time’ alongside group exhibition ‘The Way We Rust’, these new collections of work invite a virtually tangible sense of contemporary surrealism and portraiture as though a talisman to each participating artist.

From animal and human hybrids to musings of adoration and lust, this special evening will undoubtedly propel viewers through the precipice of raw imagination.

Hanna Jaeun ‘On Borrowed Time’ + ‘The Way We Rust’


Opening Reception (both exhibitions):
Friday, March 4, 2016 | 6-10PM

Exhibition Dates:
March 4-26, 2016

Arch Enemy Arts

109 Arch Street |Philadelphia
IG: @archenemyarts //@pshillenn // @lawrenalice

For purchasing information and availability, please contact archenemyarts@gmail.com or call 215.717.7774

Hanna Jaeun’s ‘On Borrowed Time’ Solo Exhibition


Press Release

‘On Borrowed Time’ is the first AEA feature for Brooklyn-Based pop-surrealist painter, Hanna Jaeun. Hanna’s newest collection focuses on the notion of living beyond the time where you were expected to die, and Hanna’s efforts perfectly reveal a beautiful yet sorrowful face of the journey to the other side. Filled with clever suggestions that her characters are parting with the world and without making the subject of death too obvious, Hanna’s animal and human hybrids ultimately show that in the end we are all, whether human or animal, here on earth for only a short period of time.

Hanna_Jaeun_beautifulbizarre_001 Hanna_Jaeun_beautifulbizarre_002 Hanna_Jaeun_beautifulbizarre_003 Hanna_Jaeun_beautifulbizarre_004 Hanna_Jaeun_beautifulbizarre_005

‘The Way We Rust’ Group Exhibition

Press Release

‘The Way We Rust’, a group exhibition showcasing the work of 16 artists. Each piece is inspired and tied to a song, which the artist chose to represent as an individual and personal reflection of lust, love, or heartbreak. The dynamic playlist of music ranges from Chelsea Wolfe and The Magnetic Fields to The Shins and Elvis Presley.

Participating Artists

Naoto Hattori, Richard J Oliver, Caitlin Hackett, Julie Filipenko, Craww, Alex Garant, Kaspian Shore, Paul Romano, Gretchen Lewis, Robert Kraiza, Rachael Bridge, 64 Colors, Veks Van Hillik, Kindra Nikole, Erich J Moffitt, and Susanne Apgar.


64 Colors


Susanne Apgar


Rachael Bridge




Julie Filipenko


Alex Garant


Caitlin Hackett


Naoto Hattori

Kindra Nikole


Richard J Oliver

Kaspian Shore

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