On November 14, 2015, Modern Eden Gallery celebrates Maryanna Hoggatt’s solo exhibition, ‘All Aboard the Dreamboat’. Instantly, imagination takes over and a vision of tiny dream boats docked along a sleepy shoreline leaves me wishing I had a ticket to this surreal journey.

Through the art of storytelling, this delightful new collection of two-dimensional paintings and sculptural resin works create a magical visual narrative of her continuing Animal Battle theme. Steeped in childhood reverie, while reflecting upon the emotional flight of internal conflict, the conception of her curiously enchanting subjects seem to summon a sense of tranquility and innocence within the poignancy of each piece.

‘All Aboard the Dreamboat’


Opening Reception:
November 14, 2015 | 6–9 PM

Exhibition Dates:
November 14–December 5, 2015

Modern Eden Gallery

801 Greenwich Street | San Francisco, CA 94133

For additional information, please contact the gallery directly: info@moderneden.com

Press Release

‘All Aboard the Dreamboat’ is the second chapter of Maryanna Hoggatt’s ongoing series with over twenty new works of fantastical creation, presenting the explorers of our subconscious who seek the ideas and dreams hidden deep inside our minds.  Ideas are transported along a dense network of portals, streams, and highways by galaxy-eyed Dream Guides, slow moving Thought Rockets, and trundling Seekers.  With “Dreamboat”, Hoggatt continues to build a world with memorable characters and an incredible attention to detail that invites her viewers to explore a little further.

About the Artist

Maryanna Hoggatt was born in the Philippines and raised in Arizona before moving to Portland in 2007.  A painter, cartoonist and commercial illustrator, she started developing her “Animal Battle” series in 2013 and continues to explore the fantasy narrative through paintings and sculpture.

Maryanna_Hoggatt_beautifulbizarre_003 Maryanna_Hoggatt_beautifulbizarre_004 Maryanna_Hoggatt_beautifulbizarre_005 Maryanna_Hoggatt_beautifulbizarre_006 Maryanna_Hoggatt_beautifulbizarre_007 Maryanna_Hoggatt_beautifulbizarre_011Maryanna_Hoggatt_beautifulbizarre (12) Maryanna_Hoggatt_beautifulbizarre_008 Maryanna_Hoggatt_beautifulbizarre_009 Maryanna_Hoggatt_beautifulbizarre_010

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