Baker Hesseldenz 2nd Annual New Contemporary Group Show

Baker Hesseldenz‘s 2nd Annual Contemporary Group Show is here! If you happen to be in (or near) Tucson, Arizona, please be sure to stop by. There are numerous artworks by some of the best New Contemporary artists from around the world. This got to be one of the most diverse yet harmonious art exhibitions I’ve seen so far. The works range from the beautiful, the adorable, the dark, to the humorous. Fans of figurative and surrealistic artworks will definitely meet their new favorite paintings &/or sculptures in this exhibition’s lineup.

The full list of artworks is available on the gallery’s website. But, as many of you have already known, no preview image can be a sufficient substitute for the real thing. No en face photograph of a painting can capture the textures of the painting, and no miniature image of an artwork can depict all the details and the full dimensions of the work. So, if you do have a choice, consider taking a look at these works in person. You won’t regret it!

2nd Annual New Contemporary Group Show

Opening Reception:
Saturday, October 3, 2015 | 6-9PM

Exhibition Dates:
September 28, 2015 – January 22, 2016

Baker + Hesseldenz Fine Art

Tucson Warehouse & Transfer Building
100 East 6th Street
Tucson, AZ 85705

Featured Artists:

Adam Tragakis, Jen Duran, Skot Olsen, Robert Bowen, Hannah Yata, McBiff, Victor Grasso, Bob Dob, Aunia Kahn, Afarin Sajedi, Michael Nolan, Kaspian Shore, Danny Galieote, Brian Despain, Michael Hussar, Naoto Hattori, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Scott Musgrove, Yoskay Yamamoto, Megan Majewski, Yosuke Ueno

Victor Grasso - The Pheasant Hunt @ Baker Hesseldenz - via beautiful.bizarre(Above) “The Pheasant Hunt” by Victor Grasso

Danny Galieote - Hidden Assets @ Baker Hesseldenz - via beautiful.bizarre(Above) “Hidden Assets” by Danny Galieote

Bob Dob - Barrels of Fun @ Baker Hesseldenz - via beautiful.bizarre(Above) “Barrels of Fun” by Bob Dob

Adam Tragakis - A Chickadee Rests on Samurai's Armour @ Baker Hesseldenz - via beautiful.bizarre(Above) “A Chickadee Rests on Samurai’s Armour” by Adam Tragakis

Michael Nolan - Mum's the Word @ Baker Hesseldenz - via beautiful.bizarre (Above) “Mum’s the Word” by Michael Nolan

(L) "Sweet Perfume of Sorrow" by Megz Majewski (R) "Smoke and Mirrors" by Michael Nolan @ Baker Hesseldenz via beautiful.bizarre(Above) L: “Sweet Perfume of Sorrow” by Megan Majewski, R: “Smoke and Mirror” by Michael Nolan

Yosuke Ueno - Kepler 452B @ Baker Hesseldenz via beautiful.bizarre(Above) “Kepler 452B” by Yosuke Ueno

Michael Hussar - Twink @ Baker Hesseldenz - via beautiful.bizarre(Above) “Twink” by Michael Hussar

Jen Duran - Elegiac @ Baker Hesseldenz via beautiful.bizarre(Above) “Elegiac” by Jen Duran

Jen Duran - Peculiar @ Baker Hesseldenz via beautiful.bizarre(Above) “Peculiar” by Jen Duran

baker-hesseldenz_beautiful-bizarre_024(Above) L: “The Keeper” R: “How is the Empire?” by Scott Musgrove

Kaspian Shore - Fleur @ Baker + Hesseldenz via beautiful.bizarre(Above) “Fleur” by Kaspian Shore

baker-hesseldenz_beautiful-bizarre_034(Above) L: “Absinthe” R: “Noire” – Terror Girls Series by Brandt Peters

Aunia Kahn - Santa Muerte @ Baker Hesseldenz via beautiful.bizarre(Above) “Santa Muerte” by Aunia Kahn

Kathie Olivas @ Baker Hesseldenz via beautiful.bizarre(Above) L: “Pink Candy Eater Oracle” R: “Mabel with Magic Oracle” by Kathie Olivas

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