Alexandra Manukyan’s ‘Beautiful Disaster’ @ Corey Helford Gallery

An incredible new body of work by surrealist painter Alexandra Manukyan (whom was featured in the December issue of beautiful.bizarre magazine) is currently showing at Corey Helford Gallery.

Alexandra’s solo exhibition ‘Beautiful Disaster’ runs from March 15 – April 12, 2014 and is an intriguing mix of her traditional dark enigmatic style with a lighter “white” series that captures the light, yet still connects with our darkest hidden desires.

The “White” series:

The faded backgrounds portray connection and disconnection of the subject with her background. It’s as if the background physically erases the personal history of the heroine. Her painting, “A Ring of Endless Light” embraces this ideology with a solitary woman staring out from the blurred white backdrop upon the canvas. Bright burning candles spill wax onto her pale skin ~ Corey Helford Gallery.

Get along to Corey Helford Gallery at 8522 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 and see Alexandra’s incredibly engaging work in person.  All of her work on show is now available here.
Impaired-Affection,-20'x30',-oil-on-linen A-Ring-of-Endless-Light,-20'x20',-oil-on-linen Fatal-Attractions,-30'x30',-oil-on-linen Trapped-Melody,-18'x24',-oil-on-linen Reflected-in-You,-24'x30',-oil-on-linen A-Crescendo-Of-Passion-Bleeding,-30x30,-oil-on-linen Beautiful-Disaster,-16'x20',-oil-on-canvas Broken-Angel,-18'x36,-oil-on-canvas Chasing-Shadows,-24'x36',-oil-on-linen Burn-my-heart-to-Stone,-24'x30',-oil-on-linen Phantom-Limbs,-18'x36,-oil-on-canvas Field-Of-Dreams,-18'x24',-oil-on-linen Tangled,-24'x36',-oil-on-linen Melting-Sorrow,-18'x24',-oil-on-linen A-Man-Apart,-30'x30',-oil-on-linen
Alexandra describes her work:  “I depict the psychological condition of the characters. So the masks are the symbols of the life role we must play, and the accompanying identities like prosthetic limbs are the symbols of emotional handicaps, and our shared encounters of pain, loss, desire, and longing for serenity and acceptance. For instance, forceps are the symbols of manipulation, the nun’s hat is the symbol for faith,hope and beliefs in life, while candles represent burnt out feelings, and dreams that are melting away.”
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