Kari-Lise Alexander ‘A Lovelorn Theft’ @ Modern Eden Gallery

On Saturday September 12, 2015, Modern Eden Gallery presents ‘A Lovelorn Theft’, the solo exhibition of Kari-Lise Alexander. Featuring a breathtaking new collection of oil paintings, her Nordic myths and ethereal beauties ease gently into the mysterious ambit of both detailed composition and arresting emotion. Accentuating a delicate familiarity, the mood of each painting lends itself to a nearly physical intimacy that allows viewers to wander in their own interpretive direction.

**Kari-Lise was a featured artist in beautiful.bizarre Issue 009 | June 2015

Kari-Lise Alexander ‘A Lovelorn Theft’


Opening Reception:
September 12, 2015 | 6–9 PM
**Artist will attend

Exhibition Dates:
September 12- October 3, 2015

Modern Eden Gallery

801 Greenwich Street | San Francisco, CA 94133

General Information: email info@moderneden.com


About the Artist:

Kari-Lise Alexander’s work is rooted in the old folklore of her Scandinavian heritage as well as inspired by her home in the Pacific Northwest. Her style captures the unique qualities of both her heritage and her home. Combining them she’s able to create surreal worlds and explore common themes between the two. Kari-Lise’s work often reflects these worlds by the women, nature, and animals painted in them. Her work tends to leave the viewer feeling as if they are experiencing the same private moment in time as the subjects. Kari-Lise works from her home studio in Seattle, Washington where she lives with her husband, two poodles, and two rabbits.

Press Release:

A Lovelorn Theft is inspired by tales of swan maidens and selkies of Nordic folklore. This series features mysterious and beautiful creatures that shape-shift by shedding their animal skin into the form of human women. Each piece within A Lovelorn Theft freezes a moment in time, placing the viewer in the role of a lovelorn voyeur, who spies these beautiful creatures for the first time. The artist’s careful attention to detail and adept brushwork describe subjects that are ethereal and otherworldly, yet rendered to a specificity that begs temptation. With a historical nod to the Pre-Raphaelites and painters of the Victorian avant-garde, Kari-Lise Alexander debuts a striking new series rooted in Norse mythology and the mysteries of the heart.Kari-Lise_Alexander_modern_eden_gallery_beautifulbizarre_004Kari-Lise_Alexander_modern_eden Gallery_beautifulbizarre_005 Kari-Lise_Alexander_modern_eden Gallery_beautifulbizarre_006 Kari-Lise_Alexander_modern_eden Gallery_beautifulbizarre_007Kari-Lise_Alexander_modern_eden Gallery_beautifulbizarre_008Kari-Lise_Alexander_modern_eden_gallery_beautifulbizarre_009Kari-Lise_Alexander_modern_eden Gallery_beautifulbizarre_010Kari-Lise_Alexander_modern_eden Gallery_beautifulbizarre_011 Kari-Lise_Alexander_modern_eden Gallery_beautifulbizarre_012

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