Imaginary Menagerie Vol. II @ Arch Enemy Arts

Three shows, one night!

On September 4, 2015, Arch Enemy Arts proudly presents three brand new shows. The highly anticipated ‘Imaginary Menagerie Vol. II’ kick-starts the evening with its second installment group exhibition as seventeen artists render their own unique creative style and interpretations while breathing life into ancient legends and fabled mythological beasts. But it doesn’t stop there, because this special event wouldn’t be complete without Troy Coulterman’s ‘Full Disclosure’ and AEA’s Artist Spotlight on Rebecca Adams!

Imaginary Menagerie: Vol. II – The Arch Enemy Arts Guide to Cryptozoology


Opening Reception:
Friday, September 4, 2015 | 6 – 10PM

Exhibition Dates:
September 4 – 27, 2015

Arch Enemy Arts

111 Arch Street | Philadelphia PA, 19106

View available works 

Participating Artists:
64 Colors, Ben Kehoe, Carl Turner, Coyle, Craww, Dave Correia, David Seidman, Erich J. Moffitt, Jared Tuttle, Jason Hernandez, Jessica Dalva, Kristen Egan, Lauren YS, Meghan Ritchey, Paul Romano, Sheri DeBow, Valency Genis


64 Colors




Dave Correia


Jason Hernandez


Jared Tuttle


Paul Romano

Troy Coulterman: Full Disclosure

arch_enemy_arts_ beautifulbizarre_002

“Each of  the forms interacting with the figures in this series has a layered element to them. These layers accumulate around the figures head forming into a hard shell. For me these layers represent significant moments in a life. They are experiences that build on top of one another that define someones character, potential and identity. The final forms these layers take are a little ambiguous and absurd, but I try to make these sculptures open to interpretation. I want the viewer to project their own experiences and create their own narrative or meaning. I do try to lead the viewer down a certain path with the titles, but ultimately the meanings for me can become malleable.

I chose these basic shapes because they are loaded with symbolism and have various meanings throughout different cultures.  A triangle can represent future, truth or intellect, a circle can represent present, perfection or emotion and a square can represent past, destiny or beauty. Depending on who the viewer is these shapes can hold different meanings and that’s what drew them to me.”


Artist Spotlight: Rebecca Adams

arch_enemy_arts_ beautifulbizarre_003

“For this series I wanted to play with the idea of abstraction through lighting and pattern. While I have carried those ideas into my most recent work, I wanted to go beyond a traditional pattern and explore repetition and reflections as alternatives. In past works I have relied of fabric and clothing as a source of pattern, allowing them to become abstracted through distortion and light. For this series, I have explored the idea alternative sources of light and used a broader idea of what a pattern can be. Repetition through mirrored images, projections and alternative light sources create a more organic pattern that goes beyond fabric and begins to interact with the subject on a different level.”


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