Naoto Hattori’s ‘Genesis’ @ Copro Gallery

For lovers of the surreal and philosophical, new works from world-renowned, New York based artist Naoto Hattori are exhibiting this month in California’s charismatic Copro Gallery. In Naoto’s seventh solo exhibit to date, he uses his free-flowing, instinctive methods to explore concepts of creation, streams of consciousness, the mind and universe creativity. Fusing all of these ideas, Naoto Hattori’s latest series of paintings will be perfectly unveiled under this latest exhibition, Genesis.


Exhibition Dates:
July 18 – August 8, 2015

Opening Artist Reception:

Saturday July 18, 2015 | 8-11.30PM


Copro Gallery

2525 Michigan Ave. T5, Santa Monica, CA 90404

There is something within Naoto’s work that stirs the soul. His artwork allows your to fall freely into its dimensions, experiencing a trip into other worlds and come face to face with a serenity that cannot be put into words. Genesis is no exception, and Naoto’s creatures far within this self-made cosmos provide allure and beauty as they rise from the darkness. With intricate patterns interwoven into their soft and tissue-like skin, we are put face to face not with realistic women but goddess-like manifestations; Using his well-known ‘stream-of-consciousness’ methods of creation, Naoto paints with feeling to see what is divulged from deep within – something that seems especially apt for this latest series.

“My vision is like a dream…I try to see what’s really going on in my mind, and that’s a practice to increase my awareness in stream-of-consciousness creativity. I try not to label or think about what is supposed to be, just take it in as it is and paint whatever I see in my mind with no compromise. That way, I create my own vision.”

Naoto’s intricate acrylic paintings on wood panels are being displayed within sumptuous black frames – and better yet, all are for sale. Genesis will be showing at Copro Gallery until Saturday, August 8, 2015. If you would like to find out more about the exhibition you can contact the gallery at or call 310-829-2156.


Cosmic Breath


Cosmic Mind


Creator Deity




Eternity Close-Up


Recollection 031


Recollection 031 Unframed


Cosmic Thoughts Unframed




Memories Unframed


Cosmic Consciousness Unframed


Recollection 033


Recollection 033 Unframed


Recollection 030

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