Jared Fountain’s ‘The Velvet Revolution’ @ 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

Jared Fountain’s solo exhibition ‘The Velvet Revolution’ opened at 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace on the Gold Coast QLD on 14 March to huge crowds.  “Velvet Revolution is about delving into the sensual delights of contemporary bohemian culture, the growing swell of Fashionista’s and artists and their rising influence within pop culture. The term ‘Velvet Revolution’ was coined to name the popular non-violent uprising in Communist Czecholslovakia led by artists of all medias, Theatres we’re key in the eventual overthrow of tyranny. This series of paintings draws allegorical comparisons between the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia and the storm of decadence sweeping through contemporary pop and fashion culture.  Fashionista’s and artists are expressing a renewed passion for the sensual.  The paintings are full of motif’s reflecting an epic and mystical revolution of the senses, and mirror back to the viewer icons of hedonistic pleasure, to express the vibrant yet capricious nature of romanticism. As a series these paintings seek to prompt thought upon the duality of revolution in its aspirations for good and yet the reality of the means necessary to fulfil them; the potential trial and suffering of revolution.” ~ Jared Fountain.

Jared Fountain

Velvet Revolution

Exhibition Dates:

14 March 2015 – 25 April 2015

Jared Fountain_beautifulbizarre 011

19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

19 Karen Avenue
Mermaid Beach QLD 4218


19 Karen Contemporary Artspace Gallery Director, Terri Lew shares with us her personal insight into Jared and his work , “When Jared Fountain walked into my gallery about a year ago and showed me his work on his IPhone, I immediately saw a huge potential for this young emerging artist. However, I felt that more work was needed for Jared to improve on the existing paintings before he should embark on new ones. Since then, I have mentored and directed Jared, advising him of the changes I felt were necessary for him to make. I am very happy with my decision to take Jared under my wings and mentor his progress to the point that I could offer him a solo show amongst the more experienced artists in my gallery. Just before the opening of his solo show, The Velvet Revolution, our Guest Speaker, a Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia and Queensland College of Art Teacher – Richard Blundell, examined Jared’s work closely and was very impressed. He could see that the brush strokes and application of paint was measured and considered carefully. He could see a huge potential in Jared as a young emerging artist. Jared Fountain’s work has been added to the collection of one of our dedicated clients who is an astute art collector. It is hanging in a very special room between Sydney Nolan and Arthur Boyd. You can see the picture on our Interiors page on our website.”

Jared Fountain_beautifulbizarre 003Jared Fountain_beautifulbizarre 005Jared Fountain_beautifulbizarre 013Jared Fountain_beautifulbizarre 004 Jared Fountain_beautifulbizarre 001 Jared Fountain_beautifulbizarre 002

Opening night at 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

Jared Fountain_beautifulbizarre 010Jared Fountain & Terri Lew (Gallery Director)

Jared Fountain_beautifulbizarre 009 Jared Fountain_beautifulbizarre 007 Jared Fountain_beautifulbizarre 006 Jared Fountain_beautifulbizarre 008

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