Michał Mozolewski is a Polish digital artist known for his portraits, especially female portraits, where beauty becomes imperfect through illustrated lines. But in the circumstance of touch, everything becomes perfect. Michał afflicts even naked bodies as if they were hanging and awaiting trial. Shadows, lines, distances, astonishment and pain, are part of the fate of the characters. The research becomes dangerous when the face, lacerated in its glow, falls into a cruel deception, that of reflection, because what we see are not transformations or changes, but only the need to balance in a space and uncoordinated time.

You will notice the striking impact of a silent cry but at the same time, it seems that everything manifests a thin, almost timid, soundtrack, so solid that it cherishes us in the gaze of these forms in search of perfect imperfection. There is no more fascinating melody of a dark feeling that we are not familiar with, but advances and is waiting for us. Michał is an adventurer and he manages to make everything dance that is stationary, immobile and lonely. There are deep sensations in the taste of his art, parallel emotions that are afraid to meet each other. The thoughts wrap around the personalities, giving imagination to the observer. The scenic design is dark and sometimes red becomes intrusive, like an arrogant obviousness of ecstasy.

What is beauty? Maybe it is the emphasis of talent and the discovery of infinite styles.










Michal_Mozolewski_beautifulbizarre_010 Michal_Mozolewski_beautifulbizarre_011

Michal_Mozolewski_beautifulbizarre_012 Michal_Mozolewski_beautifulbizarre_013 Michal_Mozolewski_beautifulbizarre_014 Michal_Mozolewski_beautifulbizarre_015Michał_Mozolewski_beautifulbizarre_016

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