Leilani Bustamante’s ‘Haunt’ @ Modern Eden Gallery

San Francisco artist Leilani Bustamante’s solo exhibition ‘Haunt’ opens at Modern Eden Gallery on 14 March 2015.  Leilani’s mournful work captures the beauty in the macabre, exploring themes of death and rebirth, with a delicate nostalgic sensitivity.  Leilani explains her fascination with the darker side of humanity and our fear of the unknown, “As human beings curiosity of death and the dark is a part of life. I find a lot of comfort in dark themes and they fall in line with my emotions and sensitivities. I think it’s a natural and universal concept to find a little darkness in everything and everyone and throughout art history it’s easy to see why artists romanticize the dark—it is alluring, attractive and unknown.” 

“Haunt is loosely based on the short stories within the Victorian horror novel, “The King in Yellow” by Robert F. Chambers whose narrative runs through themes of fantastical and terrifying realms, madness, despair, fear, and fascination of the unknown. Each character though separated by their stores are tied together through a constant threat of corruption posed by an ageless and ominous entity known a The Yellow King. To be marked by the yellow sign signifies the loss of balance and makes way for fear. It is fear that corrupts, splinters, and infects the individual self. Through this guise, the unraveling of identity begins.” ~ Modern Eden Gallery

The opening reception for ‘Haunt’ will be held at Modern Eden Gallery on Saturday, March 14 from 6 – 9 pm. Leilani will be in attendance at the reception.

We are also very excited to announce that Leilani’s work will be featured in Issue 009 | June 2015 of beautiful.bizarre magazine – so stay tuned!

Leilani Bustamante


14 March – 18 April 2015

HAUNT- Leilani Bustamante_beautifulbizarreModern Eden Gallery

801 Greenwich Street
San Francisco, CA

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