Lori Nelson’s World of Werewolves, Scaly Teens, Floating Squirrels and Smartphones

Armed with a technique utilizing wide, chunky strokes and understated colors Lori Nelson tackles timeless issues like change, fear of technology and isolation. Remarkably the paintings have a very modern feel, which creates a great juxtaposition to the classic style of the work. What is most remarkable about her art though is the life she gives to the environments, each tree, blade of grass and handheld device seems to have a developed personality of their own. The end product is a meta experience, making the person in the painting just another part of what is really a portrait of the entire scene.

Always busy, besides perpetually having work displayed at Brooklyn’s Cotton Candy Machine Lori is coming off a recent show at Scope Art Fair in Miami with Arcilesi / Homberg Fine Art, and is gearing up for a show in February at Rush Arts Galleries in the Chelsea District of New York City.


LoriNelso_BeautifulBizarre_002jpg LoriNelson_BeautifulBizarre_001 LoriNelson_BeautifulBizarre_003 LoriNelson_BeautifulBizarre_004 LoriNelson_BeautifulBizarre_005 LoriNelson_BeautifulBizarre_006 LoriNelson_BeautifulBizarre_007 LoriNelson_BeautifulBizarre_008 LoriNelson_BeautifulBizarre_009 LoriNelson_BeautifulBizarre_010 LoriNelson_BeautifulBizarre_011 LoriNelson_BeautifulBizarre_012 LoriNelson_BeautifulBizarre_013 LoriNelson_BeautifulBizarre_014 LoriNelson_BeautifulBizarre_015

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