Natalie Shau’s ‘Forgotten Heroines’ @ Vanilla Gallery

Lithuanian artist Natalie Shau’s [July 2013 issue cover artist] solo exhibition, ‘Forgotten Heroines’ is current showing at Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo from 16 – 28 June. Natalie’s digital creations are like fragments of hidden dreams, of worlds veiled by darkness where a beautiful succubus leads the viewer into their own exquisite nightmare. With a Gothic sensibility that evokes innocence and depth, Natalie’s work is steeped in rich colour and lavish design. The characters are often twisted takes on familiar tropes like Alice ~ Through the Looking Glass, usually with a modern twist or a fresh take. The rich visual texture of Natalie’s work is inspired by her interest in religious iconography, fairy tale illustrations, and literature as diverse as vintage horror stories and the Russian classics. She also cites modern and classic photography as influences for her work, subtly blending elements of painting, photography, and digital manipulation to create a surreal realm that seems to live and breathe right below the surface of our own. It is the fantastic recorded in exquisite detail, each surreal element coming together to produce a haunting glimpse into Natalie’s world.
In addition to the time she devotes to her personal artistic work and exhibiting at galleries in Europe, North America, and Japan, Natalie has an extensive list of clients in the advertising, publishing, theatrical, and music industries.
Along with Natalie’s new work, you will also be able to purchase her book: “Lost In Wonderland”, so get along to:

Vanilla Gallery
“A” room of Vanilla Gallery,
Admission: 500yen.

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