beautiful.bizarre magazine is proud to announce that the special edition December issue with the stunning work of Audrey Kawasaki on the cover is out now!

Not only do we feature eight incredibly talented artists, in this special edition we also present a group exhibition, featuring individual pieces from multiple artists – both submitted work and work specifically sourced & curated by the Editor.

Inside the December issue ~

beautiful bizarre magazine December issue


  • Audrey Kawasaki
  • Tom Bagshaw
  • Miss Van
  • Garth Knight
  • Jennybird Alcantara
  • Emma Sheldrake
  • Alexandra Manukyan
  • Thomas Devaux


Graeme Balchin, Mark Seager, Brian Tull, Philip Munoz, Matt Edwards, Mauro Mazzara, Emma Leonard, David Wells, Victoria Selbach, Derek Stefanuk, Sarah Astner, Konstantin Alexandroff, Syboro, Ramon Maiden, Italia Ruotolo, Alexandra Levasseur, Philip Reuter, Miss Led, Stacy Jean, Maria-Jose Lindo, Jennifer Balkan, Medusa Dollmaker, Lera Nyukalova


  • List of upcoming exhibitions: Dec 2013 – Feb 2014.
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December 2013 Issue : Teaser


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  1. Danijela Krha

    Thank you for writing to us, it is true sometimes art can be challenging, but I think that is a good thing. Thank you again for your comment and welcome to BBMAG <3


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