Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is proud to announce that issue 3 with Audrey Kawasaki’s stunning artwork on the cover is out now! Buy this issue via our stockists or shop online today

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Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Issue 3

beautiful bizarre magazine December issue

Featured Artists:

  • Audrey Kawasaki
  • Tom Bagshaw
  • Miss Van
  • Garth Knight
  • Jennybird Alcantara
  • Emma Sheldrake
  • Alexandra Manukyan
  • Thomas Devaux

Group Feature:

Graeme Balchin, Mark Seager, Brian Tull, Philip Munoz, Matt Edwards, Mauro Mazzara, Emma Leonard, David Wells, Victoria Selbach, Derek Stefanuk, Sarah Astner, Konstantin Alexandroff, Syboro, Ramon Maiden, Italia Ruotolo, Alexandra Levasseur, Philip Reuter, Miss Led, Stacy Jean, Maria-Jose Lindo, Jennifer Balkan, Medusa Dollmaker, Lera Nyukalova.

Welcome to the new issue – we hope you find it inspirational. Collect the beautifully published coffee table book in print or download to your digital device, and join us in Wonderland.



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