Scott Rohlfs ‘Masks of Sanity’ @ Distinction Gallery

Scott Rohfls‘ new body of work is currently on show at Distinction Gallery, at 317 E Grand Ave Escondido California until 1 March, and we can’t recommend it highly enough.  ‘Masks of Sanity’ is a spectacular display of Scott’s bold figurative work.  His feminine characters exude confidence and a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude whilst maintaining a beautiful and often sensual feminine aesthetic.  Scott’s fabulous sense of humor comes through in his work as playful dramas we can all engage with and relate to.

Get along to Distinction Gallery and pick up a Scott Rohfl’s original while you can.  See all available works here.

“The women who populate Scott Rohlfs’ acrylic paintings are a fusion of the artist’s personal experiences and influences. His women exist in a realm of moody atmospheres, tattoo-inspired couture and pop cultural elements. Rohlfs combines classic realism with an element of distortion when painting, resulting in surreal imagery. The eyes of his subjects are often the focal points of his work, imbued with an arresting quality. Rohlfs describes his figures as, “a reflection of myself and whatever mood I am in at the time.” ~ Distinction Gallery


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scott rohlfs scott rohlfs 2


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