Haven Gallery Presents Laverinne, Valéry Vécu Quitard, Cheryl Lee, & La Belle Époque

Hello January. Welcoming the days of the New Year, Haven Gallery is thrilled to announce a series of new exhibitions that are sure to captivate art enthusiasts alike. Among the featured artists are Laverinne, Valéry Vécu Quitard, Cheryl Lee, and a group show titled La Belle Époque, where artists come together to reflect the spirit and essence of a bygone era.

Delving deep into layers of inspiration, our senses are piqued by the compositional elegance and extraordinary creative prowess of each artist. Through meticulous attention to detail, each collection conveys emotions and narratives in a way that resonates with the audience. Don’t miss these new bodies of work; view them in their entirety alongside all available inventory by visiting the Haven Gallery website! If you still need more and are looking to add to your personal collection, reflect upon past exhibitions and fuel your artistic wanderlust.

Laverinne, Valéry Vécu Quitard, Cheryl Lee, La Belle Époque

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 20, 2024

Exhibition Dates: January 20 – February 18, 2024

Haven Gallery

50 Main St., Northport, NY 11768 | ph. (631) 757-0500

To inquire, please contact Erica at Haven Gallery via email info@havengallery.com

About the Gallery //

Haven Gallery is run by Erica Berkowitz and Joseph Weinreb. The gallery first opened in 2015 in the Carriage House of historic Northport, NY. Within two years, the gallery doubled in size and expanded into the entire Carriage House building. Through their successful in-house exhibitions and presentations at art fairs both domestic and international, Haven opened a secondary location at 90 Main St., in 2020, during the height of the Covid pandemic. It was at that point, that Erica and Joseph knew it was time to find a permanent location for their artists. In January of 2022, they bought the building at 50 Main st., and opened its doors as Haven Gallery’s perennial home.

Haven Gallery’s focus is on exhibiting emotionally, intellectually and imaginatively driven, representational artwork that connects the audience and artist with universal axioms and passions. We work with both emerging and established artists who transcend their medium and subjects by exploring the world around them as well as the one within themselves.

Laverinne, “Crystal Poem”

Haven Gallery is honored to present Indonesian based artist, Laverinne, for her fourth solo show, entitled “Crystal Poem”, at the gallery. “Crystal Poem” features eight new jewel toned ballads painted in watercolor that look to the spectrum of crystals for their visual and symbolic inspiration. From palette to detail, one finds uplifting emotions and heartwarming motifs to illustrate the positive messages associated with each gemstone. A meticulous rendering of color and gradient reminisce of stained glass windows that seem to burst with life as compositional fluidity and motion breathe through each painted narrative. Laverinne’s quintessential female sitters enchantingly beckon you into their enchanting worlds of fantasy.

About //

Laverinne’s application of watercolor is delicate, almost gossamer, with bursts of contrast and color saturation, resulting in a gyration of reverie. Her jewel tone palette evokes gemstones, reminding one of a brooch or heirloom, dear to ones heart. Female figures dance with color and gradient, connecting to a world of symbiosis and flourishment. Highly ornate and detailed framework adorn and enrich the intimacy of each composition, encapsulating these precious moments as the unique treasures that they are.

Artist Statement //

In every piece I try to paint various kinds of crystal or gemstones with thought to the meaning that they have.

Rubies are known as symbols of love and commitment, so I painted with the timeless themes of eternal love and commitment in mind.

Morganite is believed to be able to heal your hear. The veil will cover you with it’s softness and warmth and ultimately heal you.

While sapphire is known as symbol of wisdom, like a lantern that can illuminate you.

Amethyst as symbol of peace and calming like the sound of piano that can make your mind flow peacefully.

Topaz as symbol of honesty, make you see everything clear as a mirror.

Citrine as the symbol of success and wealth, and the power of moonstone that will make you enjoy the warm breeze as symbol of new beginning.

Valéry Vécu Quitard, “Tender and Facetious Beastiary”

Haven Gallery is honored to present France based artist, Valery Vecu Quitard, for his first solo show, entitled “ Tender and Facetious Beastiary”, at the gallery. “ Tender and Facetious Beastiary” features twelve new oil paintings of anthropomorphic animals regaled in historic costumery engaging in playful narratives. Known for his trompe l’oeil technique, an optical illusionary method, translated to “trick of the eye”, Vecu Quitard amuses the viewer with a painted legerdemain as architectural details such as windows and butterflies break the visual plane and create further dimension. His animal subjects beckon art history and the nostalgia of children’s books, uniting the wistful heart with the academic mind.

Artist Statement and Bio //

Vécu, pseudonym of Valéry Quitard, is a self-taught painter specialised in oil painting. He lives in France and works with several galleries (England, the Netherlands, Portugal, united states of America and the Czech Republic). He has also exhibited his work in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Spain and at the main historic exhibitions in Paris and throughout France.

He works in two styles: still life, using the easel trompe l’oeil technique, also known as reality painting and a form of painting with a surrealist tendency inspired by popular culture and iconography.

The latter, imbued with a touch of fantasy, symbolism and tenderness thanks to his subtle palette, blends baroque detail with poetry and an outdated, puerile universe with moderate surrealism. Subjects are largely focussed on bygone or antiquated periods; for the most part, his paintings are inhabited by animals dressed in period costumes in childlike poses. From precise workmanship to mellow contours, his painting reassures and charms the viewer with the gentleness and nostalgia that emanates from it.

“I endeavour to give shape to the numerous ideas running unexpectedly through my mind. Even though I tackle a dozen paintings at once, I can never catch up with my creativity!” 


Cheryl Lee, “Messengers”

Haven Gallery is honored to present US based artist, Cheryl Lee, for her first solo show, entitled “ Messengers”, at the gallery. “ Messengers” features twenty two new animal sculptures of sea, air and land, as they swim slither, glide and fly to share their messages with you. Dragons, snakes, snails, squids, frogs, moths and bats traverse great expanses with letters, packages and parcels.

“Messengers” can represent a reconnection with lost loved ones; a concept that spans many peoples and times. Visitations from animals have been associated with a “look in” from those dearly departed, and a reminder of their permanence in our own hearts. Further, these little messengers may serve as a reminder to stop and notice the life and beauty found on all corners for our planet. Presences and purposes all serving not only their own little world, but in unison, contributing significantly to our own microcosms and the world at large. Only the viewer can determine the meaning behind each visit and open their hearts to the love, meaning and memory they may carry.

Artist Statement //

From a young age, nature has coursed through my veins with an undying passion to create. Countless hours spent in secret spots behind trees and Jungle leaves creating mud animals and twig furniture with leaf blankets inevitably lead me to clay.

I often find connections with loved ones passed when sitting in the quiet of nature. A moths wing grazing my cheek, landing on me after having vivid memories of making clay animals with my grandmother when I was young. Finding a tiny octopus arm reaching out from its shell to my fingers. Spending time with a burrowing owl as it takes perch right next to me in my studio and just watches as I sculpt.

Sometimes, I truly feel these interactions are a reminder. Little messengers. This body of work is my whimsical approach to bring spirit messengers to life. Tiny animals that have leaf wings and mushroom growth blend with the earth and go unnoticed as they journey to bring you a message from a loved one. They are timely creatures and excitedly visit their message outpost, with wonderment of who they will travel to next.  

La Belle Époque

Translated from French as “The Beautiful Era”, this exhibition explores the periods of art, society, history and more from 1871 through 1914.

Exhibiting Artists include //

Valerie Savarie, Stephanie Rew, Lara Dann, Jennifer Hrabota Lesser, Nola Won, Shinya Takanezawa, Nikole Cooney, Ariel Bowman, William Llewellyn Griffiths (Metal Couture), Valery Vecu Quitard, Marc Le Rest, Crystal Morey, Paige Carpenter and Linda Delahaye.

Nikole Cooney

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