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Growing up in a very creative and ever-busy family has significantly affected Yulia Pustoshkina’s lifestyle. As a teenager while she was learning various creative skills from different members of her family, her father was her greatest inspiration in arts and later the art teacher for five years at the local Art School in Petrozavodsk, Russia. Under his guidance Yulia practiced painting, drawing, composition, sculpture and the history of arts. 


Her Russian background has naturally influenced her artistic style. A significant part of her painting experience was working with miniature paintings common in the traditional Russian folklore. She should say that the extensive practice of detailed painting resulted in her current painting technique.

While working on either small or large canvas Yulia likes to bring on the tiniest details that the viewers always manage to pick and wonder. She imagines anthropomorphic characters whether animals or birds, fish or plants and flowers. Everything they do or busy with has a purpose to it; every small detail has a meaning. Most often they are on the go somewhere and that probably explains her own love for travel. 


Yulia’s Russian background never escapes to show itself and she creates a fusion of Australian flora and fauna since Australia has become her second home. She finds that an idea for a painting carries most significant importance. She noticed her inspirations come from everywhere; they turn the key to her imagination and a picture story begins to unfold.


Almost every pop surrealism painting tells a story and most often the story has a deeper meaning that it may seem at a first glance. Stories inspired by any kind of folklore, Yulia Pustoshkina’s interest is in metaphysics, her travels around the globe, her childhood memories and just things that are common in life.


She likes to explore the themes of love and kindness, the unity between animals, plants, humans in the Universe. Every living creature is equally important. In her paintings, animals interact with each other, almost like humans. They have feelings and emotions. She only pictures positivity in her work and does not paint scenes with blood and suffering.

Yulia-Pustoshkina-Midnight Patrol

A dash of humor in her work is present in almost every painting she creates. She believes it has become a part of her signature style. 


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