Alexander Lee Landerman, “Unmoved” @ Quirky Fox

Quirky Fox is excited to invite you to Alexander Lee Landerman’s solo exhibition ‘Unmoved’. The show will feature ten original watercolour pieces of the Wisconsin-born, Indiana-based letterpress printer and illustrator Alexander Lee Landerman. His heart-tugging works capture the quiet beauty of a vast array of animals – all encountered during the artist’s nature walks – that may be devoid of life, but are nonetheless still worthy of acknowledgement and appreciation.


By anthropomorphizing animals and placing them in vulnerable or human-like positions, Alexander encourages a connection between viewers and subjects. Through suspending the subject in moments of tension, he subtly pushes feelings of discomfort, apathy, aggression, or fear on the viewer, encouraging them to question the level of understanding possessed by animals and their potential role in society.

I think you’re always going to have more ideas than you are able to actually produce, but being in wild spaces really helps. The series (…) started when I became fixated on animals and the way we see them once they die.

As society progresses so does the relationship with animals. Due to industrialization, factory farming, and massive monocultures, the connections with animals, natural environments, and food sources have diminished. Alexander’s interest lies in the roles played by animals, which are increasingly overlooked and mistreated: His intent is to encourage a reconnection between people and animals and foster a sense of social responsibility.

Make sure to join Quirky Fox and Alexander Lee Landerman for this exhibition! In case you are not able to visit the solo in person, you can have a look at the wildlife-themed, watercolour pieces online on the gallery’s website.

Alexander Lee Landerman, “Unmoved”

Opening Reception: Friday, March 11, 2022 | 6pm

Exhibition Dates: March 11 – April 15, 2022

Sadly, Quirky Fox will not be able to host an opening reception due to Covid restrictions.

Quirky Fox

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Quirky Fox is a boutique art gallery in New Zealand specialising in new contemporary and representative art. Established in 2012, the gallery represents a number of New Zealand and international artists at various stages of their careers from emerging artists to established artists.

Alexander Landerman To Be Quiet
Alexander Landerman Gone a Hunting

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