The Art of Art: Curated By Michael Cuffe @ Modern Eden Gallery

Delve into the evocative world of over 100 artists as Modern Eden Gallery invite you to experience The Art of Art, a deeply intriguing group exhibition curated by Michael Cuffe, photojournalist, filmmaker, and founder of Warholian and California’s Napa Valley.

Like a lover letter enticing the fragility and passion of thought, this impossibly beautiful new body of work unfurls the blooms of imagination… exploring and celebrating the creative spirit of the individual maker. Ignite your artistic intuition and join Modern Eden Gallery and Michael Cuffe this weekend as they proudly present The Art of Art.

Joseph Lorusso painting
Joseph Lorusso

I’m really proud of all the artists participating in this show. It’s been a rough year for creators on many levels, and this exhibition is meant to be a rebirth of the arts, showing that despite all of our hardships, art can continue to flourish.

Michael Cuffe

The Art of Art Curated by Michael Cuffe

Michael Cuffe The Art of Art Modern Eden Gallery
Michael Cuffe

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 14, 2021 | 6–9 pm

Exhibition Dates: August 14 – September 1, 2021

1100 Sutter Street | San Francisco, CA 94109

For press inquiries or sales, please contact Modern Eden Gallery Director Kim Larson at kim@moderneden.com

General Information, please email info@moderneden.com

Modern Eden Gallery Press //

We are pleased to present the latest group exhibition curated by Michael Cuffe of Warholian. The Art of Art focuses on works that explore the tools and imagery of the visual arts. From paintbrushes to color wheels, this immersive show celebrates the artist in the studio and the world of the painter, the sculptor, and beyond. The Art of Art turns the mirror on the artist, exploring the very foundations of what has made the visual medium succeed for centuries.

This large scale reception will feature 100+ artists and is a celebration of the rebirth of the arts in San Francisco. We will be hosting a reception at the gallery (per covid regulations in the city at the time) and are looking for works that commemorate this moment in history!

I asked all the participating artists to create a piece reflecting on what art means to them. Some crafted paintings based on classic works and styles, while others were more introspective and abstract within their genre and medium.

Michael Cuffe
Caia Koopman

Words from Michael Cuffe //

The reason I like curating shows with Modern Eden Gallery is that it is owned and operated by Bradley Platz and Kim Larson, a husband/wife who really care about artists. They are genuine people who despite all the hardships of the past year, have worked diligently to keep the gallery open. Their ability to keep the gallery functioning literally feeds artists and their families… and running a gallery is a very unforgiving business most of the time. I can honestly say from a third-party perspective that the reason they’ve been able to keep it going is that they truly love art. They love artists. Their art is creating a space where other artists can grow and flourish a professional career. There is nothing more admirable than that within the art world. In my eyes, they are saints within the community. They set a high standard for being not only good businesspeople, but also good human beings. I’m always honored to work alongside them.

My hope is that the show is not only successful for the artists and the gallery, but also offers some inspiration for those looking to be artists themselves. Creating art is such a fulfilling process. There is nothing quite like painting a work and walking in the next morning and seeing it laying there, and getting that feeling of satisfaction. It’s unspoken, visceral, and I believe it’s why we, literally, walk this planet. We are meant to create, construct form from nothingness, and use our beautiful creative minds to inspire others. I think this show taps into that process directly.

Jana Brike painting
Jana Brike

About Michael Cuffe //

Michael Cuffe resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and is an internationally recognized photojournalist and filmmaker, whose work has been published in a variety of books, documentaries, and magazines worldwide. He focuses his camera on capturing the wonders of civilization’s monumental achievements, nature’s splendor, and the creative humans that inhabit planet Earth at this time. 

A graduate of Loyola Marymount University in Television and Film Production, Cuffe began his career working for Paramount Studios and other Hollywood based production companies.  His lifetime passion for still photography eventually began to blossom into a career, with recognition for his documentation of international street artists and the contemporary art world.  In 2010 he launched Warholian.com as a documentarian and journalist to museums, artists, and galleries.  He has been interviewed and and his work has been presented in various television, streaming, and print media. Michael and his photos are featured currently in “Saving Banksy” an acclaimed award winning documentary on Netflix.

Notable journalistic recognition for his work has come from The Washington Post, CNN, The New York Times, UK’s The Guardian, London’s The SUN, The Huffington Post, and the coveted #1 photo on Reddit.

Josh Thurman painting
Josh Thurman

The thing I enjoy the most about The Art of Art, is that it’s a reflection of each individual artist’s soul and personality. A psychological revealing of what art means to them internally. I often find that the artist is just as interesting and colorful as the work they produce. This show highlights that relationship.

Michael Cuffe
Joshua Lawyer painting
Joshua Lawyer
Kelsey Bowen sculpture
Kelsey Bowen

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Michael Cuffe Social Media Accounts

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