Patrick Thai, Loneschach, Shane Izykowski @ The Dark Art Emporium

Unfurl the corners of your dark side and help celebrate the immersive work of Patrick Thai, Loneschach, and Shane Izykowski. Honoring the creative spirit of each distinct collection, The Dark Art Emporium invites you to ensnare your artistic sensibilities and join them this weekend for the opening reception of three amazing exhibitions.

Patrick Thai, Loneschach and Shane Izykowski will be debuting new works on Saturday, February 13th. Join The Dark Art Emporium on Facebook Live at 7pm (Pacific) for the reception with all three artists. To schedule a private visit to DAE, contact them directly or view their appointment’s page. If you’re not in the area, don’t miss their wonderful virtual tours!

If you’re looking to add to your budding art collection be sure to view all available artworks by visiting the The Dark Art Emporium online store! If you haven’t discovered The Art Pit DAE Podcast, now’s the time. The Jeremys (as in Jeremy Schott – Owner and Jeremy Cross – Assistant Director) discuss all things art, music, movies, and so much more. You can also stream episodes using Soundcloud via The Dark Art Emporium website or subscribe to their YouTube channel to stay updated.

Patrick Thai, Loneschach, Shane Izykowski

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Dark Art Emporium

121 W. 4th Street, Long Beach, California 90802

Located in Downtown Long Beach within The 4th Horseman

For additional information and purchase availability please contact: Jeremy@darkartemporium.com

Patrick Thai

“My name is Patrick Thai. I am a self taught artist born and raised in Southern California. I have been involved with many galleries including: Copro Gallery, Hyaena Gallery, The Dark Art Emporium, Cactus Gallery, and a few more within and outside North America. I like to create with different mediums such as oils, watercolor, charcoal, and graphite. My vision in my art is to try to create an atmospheric scene, where the audience can take what they see into their own imagination. My work mainly consist of landscapes, symbolism, animals, and spirituality. 

This series of work was based off of my emotions within the last few years, the healing years. To be left alone and fighting off withdrawal after 20 years at the same time was a very difficult task. I was able to expressed the ups and downs through movement, fluidity, and vibes in this series. Each piece has its own meaning and interpretation toward the emotions we can all relate to at some point in our lives. That is my goal in this series of work. We are one and we all feel the same things, just in different forms.”


“As a rule, I try not talking about my work, for fear that I may rob the viewer of their own interpretation, as an artist, you have to come to terms with the fact that you won’t always be there next to your work to explain it.

However, if coerced into speaking, I would say that ever since I was a child, to me, art was always a great form of escapism. Yet as I got older, and life became more difficult, art served a kind of therapeutic purpose, a focusing exercise to deal with my emotions and problems by “trapping” them in a physical form: to face and deal with them as opposed to oppressing them. My artist mission, if I were to have any, would be to help others develop emotional intelligence, the kind of intelligence that isn’t born out of dissecting something to death using hyper analyzing verbiage, but rather from emotionally putting yourself in a place that may be difficult or even painful, to make one think about injustices like racism and financial inequality, to think about decay and death, but not for the sake of adolescent edge, rather in the same way we use manure to grow. 

Every play needs a villain, every light a shadow. It’s what makes the drama of life worth living, what makes us sympathetic. The people who look at my work and feel uncomfortable, who cry, or who feel drawn and hypnotized in any way that seems to defy words, are having the exact experience I am looking for while creating it.”

Loneschach drawing The Dark Art Emporium

Shane Izykowski

Shane Izykowski’s “The Kind of Love That Doesn’t Die” is an exploration of the experience of love and relationships, vulnerability within our deep connections and the fleeting nature of love itself. The societal misconception of a “successful” relationship creates a misled feeling of failure when not meeting those standards. And the storybook romance told in cinema and throughout our childhood never actually existed the way they told us it did.

The real truth is that vulnerability is the key to genuine connection and love comes in all forms. True love is not a straight path, and you will find yourself swimming through an ocean of severe loss, trauma, self exploration and a multitude of conflicting feelings. This new series documents the artist’s personal experiences and a visual representation of what can be widely accepted as shared experiences. You are also invited to declare your anonymous vulnerabilities on the artist’s website: www.shaneizykowski.com, which will conclude with an artist talk on February 18th at 7 p.m. PST, hosted online by Jennifer Vasquez. 

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