Brian Mashburn, Jason Mowry, Jon Ching & Craww @ Haven Gallery

This weekend, on Saturday, January 16th, Haven Gallery welcomes you to join them for the opening of four diverse solo exhibitions and celebrate the works of Brian Mashburn, “New Landscapes“, Jason Mowry, “Eternal Return“, Jon Ching, “Sacrosanct” and Craww, “Woven“.

Through arresting storytelling, captivating composition, and distinct vision, these exemplary artists embody the language of art. Permeating like that of a soulful harness holding your attention, each collection is a poetic expression to set your imagination into the wilds of their individual styles, interpretations and impassioned creativity.

Brian Mashburn, Jason Mowry, Jon Ching & Craww

Exhibition Dates: January 16 – February 14, 2021

155 Main St., | The Carriage House Square | Northport, NY 11768

To inquire, please contact Erica at (516) 807-4076 (text or call) or email info@Havenartgallery.com

Brian Mashburn, “New Landscapes

Haven Gallery is pleased to present Brian Mashburn for his third solo show at the gallery entitled, “New Landscapes”. “New Landscapes” will consist of fifteen to twenty oil paintings featuring the artists iconic scenery with a noteworthy play on perspectives, both literally and figuratively speaking. The collections focus on unique outlooks certainly lends itself to the shifting of opinions and uncertainty concerning the worlds current climate. Our interconnectedness to each other, and the natural world, has been reiterated more than ever this year, and on a global scale. We have experienced change, adaptation and evolution, both on the micro and macro scales at an unprecedented rate. Mashburn’s work serves to reflect upon this through his use “point of view” and play on perspective, giving us new landscapes in every sense of the word.

“New Landscapes” provides multifarious viewpoints of his traditional compositions. Closer vistas of buildings and civilization can be found in some works, while vast overlooks of the landscape at large provide a connection to Mashburn’s artistic oeuvre and offer us a contrasting means to contemplate the world before us, as well as the worlds within ourselves. His work continues to serve as a reminder that life builds off of the successes and defeats of its past, as well as the cyclical quality of all things. Life subsists and always carries on through its many manifestations and perpetual growth.

About the Artist // Brian Mashburn is an American artist based in the mountains of North Carolina. He studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, receiving a BFA in 2002.Brian’s work depicts urban and industrial landscapes in close proximity to the natural world. Primarily an oil painter, Mashburn uses narrative and meticulous attention to detail to engage the viewer. His work is informed by everyday observations as well as an interest in history, natural science, and philosophy. Brian lives in Asheville, NC.

Jason Mowry, “Eternal Return

Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Eternal Return”, a collection of new work by Jason Mowry. “Eternal Return” is Mowry’s second solo show at the gallery and will include nine gouache and watercolor paintings that present the art of storytelling through dynamic and otherworldly palettes and narratives. Mowry is a visual raconteur whose inspiration stems from the mythologies of antiquity throughout contemporary comics, all culminating into his own personal narratives. A nod to a bygone era and its simpler times are cultivated as the relationships between humans, nature and the animal kingdom are celebrated. Surrealist tendencies reminisce in his dreamy use of color and contortions of verisimilitude as symbiosis and ascension of a higher power of nature are embraced. “Eternal Return” serves as a reminder to return to our instincts and harness our dreams and intuitions. Laced with symbols and reverie, a purer harmony amongst existence in all of its forms is encouraged. The natural dichotomies of life and death are ever present with a grace and reception as the organic cycle of all matter. Mowry’s work prompts us to look to the past for guidance on the present and future, as this former period holds a significant place in our very being.

About the Artist // Jason grew up between the art museums and comic book shops, combining the rhythms of each to walk the line between formal art and the fantastic. Jason calls Ohio home where he keeps a studio as well as teaches at the Columbus College of Art and Design.
Inspired by the stories he reads, and the people and times that surround him, Jason’s work blends myth, personal narrative, and symbolic imagery to speak to the larger collective narrative.

Jon Ching, “Sacrosanct”

Haven Gallery is pleased to present Hawaiian born artist Jon Ching for his first solo show at the gallery entitled, “Sacrosanct”. “Sacrosanct” will consist of eight new oil paintings that reflect Ching’s affection and reverence of the natural world. Growing up in Hawaii, and now living in California, the vast beauty and majesty of his surroundings continually serves as inspiration for his life and art. Ching’s paintings are a harmonious enosis of nature’s kingdom. A poly symbiosis of all organic beings is a major theme as animals, fauna, fungi and crystals, magically and resplendently defy the natural order and are canonized accordingly.

In describing his this collection, Ching notes:

“In Sacrosanct, a word defined as being too important to be interfered with, I envision the divine manifested in nature. These sprites, deities and divine creatures each have their own idiosyncratic domains of which they nurture and protect, keeping the balance of the vast interconnected web of life. My portraits offer a glimpse of their majesty and the magic they possess.”

Each composition reflects its own unique world that focuses on what the artist refers to as “fauna creatures”. These beings are a reflection of the Ching’s ideals and an amalgamation of all organic life representing the intrinsic divine nature in each organism. Painted with regal compositions and monarchally lush palettes, each work captivates and appears to hold all the knowledge of the universe. The sitter is a sacred and ascended entity confronting the viewer through the use of captivating palettes and compositions, and reminding us of the magnitude of all life, big and small, that we humbly share our lives and planet with.

Craww, “Woven

Haven Gallery is pleased to present Craww for his second solo show at the gallery entitled, “Woven. “Woven” will consist of nine oil paintings that metaphorically chronicle the passage of life and time for all living things. Poetically painted passages and interconnectedness grace each composition as the artists quintessential females dance and twist à la the Mannerism period, fluidly amalgamating with their environments. An acceptance of the phases of life, spaces we fill and leave, and relationships we create, are highlighted in Craww’s inclusion of the natural world as well as imagery of death and relic. Time in all forms is nodded to as a motif to connect us to the past, present and future, and serve as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all living things, even after passing.

About the Artist // Artist and habitual doodler Craww lives and works just outside of Sheffield, on the edge of the Peak District. His work plays with the beauty to be found in contradictions and ambiguity – life and death, beauty and decay, strength, fragility, the interplay between conflicting and complementing forces of nature.

It’s an ongoing exploration of a natural world, where his muses are surrounded by flowing lines and natural forms, and where he works to uncover their ambiguous connections and hidden narratives. Each piece is a story, or an aspect of an unfolding story that writes itself as he works on it. What has happened? Who are these people? What is their story? He aims to create work that is open to interpretation, asks questions and invites involvement rather than providing answers.

Craww’s work creates narratives that are drawn from the beauty to be found in contradictions and ambiguity – life and death, beauty and decay, strength, fragility, the interplay between conflicting and complementing forces of nature.

Weaving together imagery drawn from the natural world, classical architecture and sculpture, the nine new paintings create a world full of intrigue, drawing together different threads of a narrative that explores our connections with nature, the relationships we build and the spaces we create in our passing.

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