‘The Unseen’ All Female Artist Group Show @ Stone Sparrow NYC

We won’t lie, we have a serious crush for Marina Eliasi’s gallery Stone Sparrow NYC, elegantly set in Greenwich Village. Her aesthetics and themes are always close to our hearts, and group show ‘The Unseen’ was especially awaited with impatience. Indeed, this exhibition is celebrating female artists, and of course, the many different aspects of being a woman.

Each of the artists have been asked to create something that shows a piece of their own personal story, or to reflect on the female identity. What is to identify as a woman in our contemporary society? It is having choices, just like being a mother or not. But it is also unfortunately to have no choice, with many women still victims of violences and inequality. Being female is also accepting, being proud of your body, and of other women’s body – young, old, trans, POC, with scars or not.

These admirable artworks are displaying the many facets of women, making the often ‘Unseen’ visible. And this visibility is not only the one on the canvas. It is also the artists who painted them. For centuries female artists have been vastly underserved in the art world – whether it be in a gallery setting, in a museum or how they are remembered as part of art history.

Stone Sparrow NYC is offering us the possibility to discover these rising female painters, from various backgrounds and their diverse styles, from realism to surrealism. They are working with paint, ceramic, textiles, fine metal or creating wearable art jewelry. Coming together from all over the world, they all have a story, a message to tell. They have something to show you. Will you see it? You know you want to…

Dorielle Caimi - "Scapegoat"  nude painting
Dorielle Caimi – “Scapegoat”

‘The Unseen’ | Stone Sparrow NYC

Opening Reception: March 4, 2020 | 6 – 9pm

Exhibition Dates: March 4, 2020 – March 31, 2020

45 Greenwich Ave between Charles and Perry Streets in Manhattan, New York City

For further information on any of the exhibiting artists or artworks, please contact marina@stonesparrownyc.com

Teagan McLarnen - "Orange Kismet" nude painting
Teagan McLarnen – “Orange Kismet”

Participating Artists:

Rose Freymuth-Frazier, Shelah Horvitz, Ximena Rendon, Ivana Stulic, Teagan McLarnan, Shannon Downey, Christina Duarte, Daniela Kovacic, Elle Green, Julie Campbell, Hallie Packard, Ellen Marie Moysons, Susannah Zucker, Linda Mason, Lisa Lach-Nielsen, Carolynda Macdonald, Gigi Chen, MJ LIndo, Michelle Avery Konczyk, Olympia Altimir, Ilona Cutts, Michelle Melcher, Zienna Brunsted Stewart, Shana Levenson, Susan Fauman, Pam Hawkes, Dorielle Caimi, Francien Krieg, Jodie Herrera and Ling Ling Moorman.

Zienna Brunsted Stewart - "Tiger Stripes" nude painting
Zienna Brunsted Stewart – “Tiger Stripes”
Daniela Kovacic - "Daniela II" figurative painting
Daniela Kovacic – “Daniela II”
Ellen Marie Moysons - "Echo II" surreal nude painting
Ellen Marie Moysons – “Echo II”
Francien Krieg - "Perfect Imperfections" nude painting
Francien Krieg – “Perfect Imperfections”
Francien Krieg - "Shelter" nude painting
Francien Krieg – “Shelter”
Gigi Chen - "Will You..." figurative painting
Gigi Chen – “Will You…”
Michele Melcher - "The Countess" pop surreal skeleton painting
Michele Melcher – “The Countess”
Michelle Avery Konczyk - "Queen of the Forest" surreal painting
Michelle Avery Konczyk – “Queen of the Forest”
Olympia Altimir - "Blind Faith" surreal eye painting
Olympia Altimir – “Blind Faith”
Pam Hawkes - "The Flux of Becoming" pop surreal portrait
Pam Hawkes – “The Flux of Becoming”
Rose Freymuth-Frazier - "Speak No Evil" realism portrait
Rose Freymuth-Frazier – “Speak No Evil”
Rose Freymuth-Frazier - "Reclining Hermaphrodite" figurative nude painting
Rose Freymuth-Frazier – “Reclining Hermaphrodite”
Shana Levenson - "Don't Speak" figurative painting
Shana Levenson – “Don’t Speak”
Susannah Zucker - "Mask" sculpture
Susannah Zucker – “Mask”
Teagan McLarnen - "Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable" figurative painting
Teagan McLarnen – “Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable”

Stone Sparrow NYC Social Media Accounts

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