Your Favourite Instagram Posts of 2019

The end of the year is the best moment to gather your tribe, share memories and make plans for a better future… it was a real pleasure to share our passion of art with you again on 2019: for Beautiful Bizarre Magazine it was a very important year, with the second year of our Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, which met with great success and helped us discover even more incredible new talents! And guess what? The Prize will be back in 2020, and we will make it even more fabulous…

2019 was also, unfortunately, a bad year for the freedom of art, and we have faced many censorships from social medias. But we’re hoping that, thanks to your many voices, we would be able to fight back to protect the artists and our bodies from narrow-mindedness. We are stronger together, and we can make this world a place where all of us can express their creativity, identity and liberty.

Prudishness is not the future and the fact that the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Instagram account has welcomed an impressive amount of new followers in the last 12 months genuinely proves it! We are truly grateful for your inspiring comments, likes, and shares. Once again, thank you for your loyalty and support, you are our tribe!

As a gift, we compiled your favourite Instagram posts of 2019 so that we can all enjoy these memories together! Counting down the top 20 to the number 1 post… here we go!

20. Sasha Vinogradova

19. Forest Rogers

18. Rob Woodcox

17. Luis Ricardo Falero

16. Mirekis

15. Kathrin Federer

14. Desiree Dolron

13. Hanna Panchenko

12. Aaron McPolin

11. Melania Brescia

10. John Morris

9. Helena Ruiz de Souza

8. Mondead Studio

7. Milan Nenezic

6. Zoë van Dijk

5. Diane Ozdamar

4. Courtney Brown

3. Sergo Israel

2. MonoKubo

And the number 1 Instagram post of 2019 is…

1. Le Heretic

Thank you again for supporting Beautiful Bizarre Magazine in 2019, we look forward to sharing more amazing art with you in 2020!

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