Wendy Ortiz and the Phenomenon of Artist as Muse

If you are like me, you have been watching Wendy Ortiz make art with a mesmerized gaze from the moment you discovered her work. Undoubtedly, Wendy is not to be compared to any other artist. The passion and finesse with which she stylizes her work is an inspiration in itself. Let alone the sheer quantity of time she dedicates to the craft. But what she just may be an icon for is our current fascination with peering through the digital “window”, into an artist’s practice. Wendy seems to have mastered the highly sought after multitask of both producing high quality work and capturing the process of it at the peak of a passerby’s interest.

Upon perusing her instagram (which I insist you do!), it is impossible not to get lost in the decadence of her chalky light patterns and silky outlines. But the difference between Wendy Ortiz a something about her own awareness as an individual among her surroundings. But regardless of its attribution, the skill is practically required in this day and age of borderline voyeuristic art and the trillions of other artists posting in this manner is the clear understanding of her own uniquely stylized human form.

So many wonderful results have come from the ability of artists to share real-time progress with the masses. Art seems to have climbed a few rungs for amateurs, where it may have only been a hobby or even just a curiosity; we can now use online sharing as motivation to produce any art at all. Artists like Wendy Ortiz, with over 400 thousand followers and openly self-taught, clearly act as leaders of inspiration. The beauty of her artwork is only illuminated by her online voice – encouraging others to put in time and diligence, humbly exposing her own insecurities, and sharing tips or tool recommendations. With everyone striving for a position of power, leadership, and popularity, perhaps we ought to look to artists like Wendy for an idea of what to do with it once we get there. Along with original artwork and print editions, Wendy currently sells sets of tattoo flash on her online store. Check out her website for more info.







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I am an artist, designer, writer, and advocate for female empowerment. I grew up in New Jersey but moved back to my birth place of San Francisco in 2012 to complete a BFA in Illustration from California College of the Arts. My personal aesthetic is particular - I enjoy all things decorative, ornate, romantic, feminine, and reminiscent of centuries ago. But I also love a little edge, boldness, and refreshing surprise. Aside from making and writing about fine art, I also work as an in-house textile designer for Williams Sonoma Inc. For me, anything that exposes the beauty (and the bizarre) of art is time well spent.

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