Embrace Your Inner Glitter With Dustin Bailard

Fairy tales don’t have to exist just in books or locked away in our imaginations, at least not as long as someone like Dustin Bailard is sharing a tiny piece of his world through his art. We get to fall into the land of unicorn carousels and big starry-eyed beauties, beaming and illuminated, as if straight out of a dream from lollipop land. Wanting to remain childlike and to still see the wonder in made-up beings and romantic stories, is a sentiment that all of us, somewhere, can relate to. Who wants to be in this big bad world with its lack of colour and shine… why can’t we all wear daisy chain crowns, turn ourselves pink and green, and be the friend of creatures and nature, glitter falling from our eyelids as our long lashes kiss the sun? Ah, see how easily we can go along with Dustin when he creates the stage for us to dance on.

Some artists have a way to build a story into their work, and there is a kind of ‘falling into the scenes’ they create. It’s like reading a book and losing yourself into another reality, where you don’t even need to question the validity of where you find yourself. You just know that these places exist somewhere… but you just haven’t found them yet.

Dustin’s engaging style and interpretation of characters are wonderfully romantic and enchanting, with gorgeous pouty lips and striking features, as a bold combination of colours and a delightful charm make his work irresistible!

Dustin grew up in Salem and a lot of that time was spent in church with his father, who was a Pastor. A perfect place to find your inner mystic, he allowed the influence of his surroundings to guide and form a spiritual and supernatural connection. He expressed his art for many years  as a makeup artist before he began experimenting with paints, moving from face to page he found a way to define himself through oils.

Dustin says his work allows him to “explore the representations of emotions, longing and loss tied to the fierce beauty and wildness of nature.”

And fierce these girls are… don’t let the glitter deceive you.

With an upcoming solo show at Future Gallery this December, some Tiny Tale books (adding author to his title) and gorgeous to die for merchandise on the way, Dustin may have his busiest year yet! Make sure you are following Dustin on his adventures and be the first to see his Mermaid comic book, his first steps into doll making and the incredible ‘Batterflies’… but be quick because they do fly out of his shop faster than glitter in a tornado!

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Title: The Raven and the Maiden

Cold and barefoot she looked up at the clanking knight on his proud, regal steed. “I asked you a question girl.. why are you so far from home?” The shuffling Raven cracked a half-hearted caw as he adjusted his grip on her shoulder. “My home is wonderful and warm sir, but my story is here. In the woods. In the dark.”

~Dustin Bailard




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