Jessica Dalva’s: Dream House + Pulp @ Arch Enemy Arts

This Friday, March 3, 2017, Arch Enemy Arts celebrates Jessica Dalva’s: Dream House alongside the group exhibition, Pulp, for standout opening reception you don’t want to miss.

Reach deep into the corridors of Jessica Dalva’s ‘Dream House’ and discover a new solo exhibition inspired by the desire to break free from the chains of turmoil and soar smoothly into the flight of the imagination.  Jessica’s brilliant new collection highlights her “three dimensional illustration” while conveying some of her own personal struggles and experiences.

“A lot of these pieces were therapeutic (as I find much of art making in general) not only in resolving thoughts for myself but in that , in order for the idea to be realized, many processes had to be repeated over and over. These steps, such as cutting out and gluing together hundreds of tiny paper leaves, became a calming and peaceful meditation, a welcome repetitive task in an overwhelmingly sad and frustrating world.”

Jessica Dalva’s: Dream House + Pulp Group Exhibition

Opening Reception:

Friday, March 3, 2017 | 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates:

March 3- April 1, 2017

Arch Enemy Arts

109 + 111 Arch Street | Philadelphia, PA 19106

For additional information and available artwork please contact the gallery directly at archenemyarts@gmail.com


Jessica Dalva’s: Dream House

In these comparisons, her beautifully sculptured works illuminate and come to life.


Press Release:

Also opening on March 3rd is PULP, a 5-person group exhibition showcasing works on paper by Michael Reedy, Alex Kuno, Joshua Mays, Paul Romano, and Alex Garant, each forgoing canvases and panels to create fully realized works on a medium often used more at the beginning of an idea rather than the end. The show is a debut for Alex Kuno at Arch Enemy, and a return for AEA solo artists Michael Reedy (Dust and Moonshine, Sept. 2016), Paul Romano (Boundless, May 2015), and also will release some rare affordable works by recent and upcoming Arch Enemy solo artists Alex Garant (Viscera, Jan 2017), and Joshua Mays whose first AEA solo will arrive in June 2017.

Michael Reedy

Alex Kuno

Joshua Mays

Paul Romano

Alex Garant


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