Robert Kraiza: GREY GRIMOIRE @ Arch Enemy Arts

articleOPENS TONIGHT // US: On November 4, Arch Enemy Arts proudly celebrates the opening of Robert Kraiza‘s solo exhibition, GREY GRIMOIRE. This haunting new collection of work invites viewers to experience the spiritual practices of Paganism and the conceptuality of their familiars. Bound by the oldest forms of magick while summoning the four elements, these beloved animal entities allocate both astral and physical protection as the witch’s closest and most significant counterpart.

And don’t miss Small Wonders 5 group exhibition, featuring over 120 small works by nearly 50 artists, opening the same night! Visit the gallery website for a full list of participating artists. 
“As with previous installments, all the work will be sized below 12″, and priced at $250 or less. Join us for the Small Wonders 5 grand opening on November 4th.” 

Robert Kraiza: GREY GRIMOIRE


Opening Reception (both shows):

November 4, 2016| 6– 10PM

Exhibition Dates:

November 4 – 23, 2016

Arch Enemy Arts

109 + 111 Arch Street | Philadelphia, PA 19106

For purchasing information and availability, please contact archenemyarts@gmail.com or call 215.717.7774


Press Release:

ARCH ENEMY ARTS announces the opening of Robery Kraiza’s new solo exhibition, Grey Grimoire, a new collection focusing on Victorian witches and their familiars. His very first solo exhibition to contain sculpture in addition to watercolors, and works on paper, Grey Grimoire explores  a secret world that requests you leave your normal lives  behind and retreat into the woods and deep into a world of Victorian occultism. Mourning themes, crystals and hares, enchanted potions, and Trix Alba, this exploration into the symbology and history of 19th century witchcraft in 3 mediums makes for Robert’s most diverse collection to date. Grey Grimoire opens in Philadelphia on Nov. 4th.

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