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articleEnter into the incredibly hypnotic world of German street artist 1010 (ten-ten) in his upcoming show ‘Eversion” at Hashimoto Contemporary. These 3D art illusions turn flat walls into colorful vortexes, leading your eye to the central abyss. His abstract concepts are created by painting shadows that leave the viewer to interpret where their passage leads.  In his upcoming show, 1010 constructs his murals into ‘movable components that achieve a comparable presence. Rather than applying paint directly to the walls, the artist paints layers of acrylic glass and mounts them to aluminum dibond. Delicately air-brushed shadows activate the geometric apparitions, playing with and challenging the lighting of the room’.  If you want to spend hours losing yourself  in these amazing  portals, head to over Hashimoto Contemporary this November!

1010: ‘Eversion’


Opening Reception:

Thursday, November 3, 2016 | 6- 10pm

Exhibition Dates:

November 3 – November 26, 2016

Hashimoto Contemporary

804 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

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Press Release:

SAN FRANCISCO – Hashimoto Contemporary ispleased to present “Eversion,” a solo show of new work by Hamburg-based artist 1010 (pronounced ten-ten.) Returning for his second solo exhibition at the gallery, the artist brings forth a fresh series of illusory paintings on acrylic glass and aluminum dibond. Internationally recognized for his sprawling free-hand murals, 1010 first  began creating these spray-painted “portals” in 2009 throughout Germany. Using color theory and perspective, the artist breaks down flat surfaces into other-worldly gateways that seemingly fade into the unknown. 1010 refers to these openings as “holes, abysses, passages or portals… names that leave enough space for interpretation and projection for the viewer.” Saturated layers of color overlap and fall in succession, eventually vanishing into a limitless center. His sprawling murals can be seen across the world, from Paris to Liberia, disrupting the sides of multi-story buildings or expanding across a paved road, transforming every unyielding facade into an abyss one could seemingly fall into. For his gallery works, 1010 re-examines his murals into movable components that achieve a comparable presence. Rather than applying paint directly to the walls, the artist paints layers of acrylic glass and mounts them to aluminum dibond. Delicately air-brushed shadows activate the geometric apparitions, playing with and challenging the lighting of the room, thus giving each piece a life of its own. This month’s exhibition will consist of more than a dozen portals, each serving as it’s own tear in time and space. While certain works are composed within a more traditional rectangle, other pieces are formed by multiple parts and span across entire walls. Referencing the act of turning outward or inside out, the term “Eversion” speaks to the visual language of 1010’s new work. The artist elaborated in an interview with Hashimoto “My work is mostly inspired by language… I like to dig for the roots of a word.” This month’s show expands upon 1010’s on-going study of space in relation to the viewer’s perception of reality. The opening reception for “Eversion” will take place Thursday, November 3 with an evening reception from 6pm-10pm. This exhibition will be on view through Saturday, November 26.

About The Gallery:

Hashimoto Contemporary is located in San Francisco, CA. Our roster consists of an eclectic blend of new contemporary artists. With monthly rotating exhibitions, our programming focuses on a range of painting, sculpture and installation-based work. You can also visit us at a variety of international art fairs in Miami, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

About The Artist:

1010, pronounced “ten-ten” lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. Though he’s a veteran graffiti and street artist, 1010 recently came to recognition on the international stage for his series of op-art murals, illusionary works which suggest colorful portals inhabiting the urban landscape. These massive works have appeared throughout Europe, India and South America.
For his gallery shows, 1010 scales down his oversized murals into smaller, and more tangible works comprised primarily of acrylic paint on hand-cut paper. 1010 is represented by Hashimoto Contemporary.




Void 37


Sub level 03


Portal 08


Void 38




Sub Level 02


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Kylie Dexter was born (and is currently living with her gorgeous boys, Rob and Zen)  in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by Pop Surrealism and the New Contemporary Art movement  she began collecting original works and sculptures in the mid 90's. Since then her collection has grown to epic proportions. She has had an obsession with art from a young age and has an eye for emerging artists, and a deep understanding of the narrative the artist is trying to portray. She believes art can change the way people think and reach the deepest part of their psyches. Kylie has faith in art's ability to create an energy to express and reflect the  deep symbolism and stories that are untouchable in normal reality. She also has a  heartfelt connection to music and is a self-taught artist who brings needle felting to life via her dolls that are sold and shown around the world.   With an enthusiastic addiction for writing about art, talking about art, looking at art and making art, what better place to be, surrounded by what you love! I feel passionate that Beautiful Bizarre Magazine raises the profile of up and coming artists, supports those already in the industry and contributes positively to galleries who share a common goal; to keep art alive and flowing, to keep people creating and more importantly keep people collecting and expressing themselves via the images on their walls. . 'Take your broken heart, make it into art' ~ Carrie Fisher

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