Antonio Lorente‘s works are like the images that flood into your mind between the half-awake and dreamlike states of sleep. Big eyes and disproportionate features bursting with personality, his beautifully interpreted characters stare at you intimately and often dramatically from the page and draw you into their world. Each piece so unique, their expressions telling stories through humour and mystery, enticing the viewer into the boldness and vibrancy of the piece, sometimes brimming with tiny details and other times dramatically stark and demanding attention.

It isn’t too hard to see why Antonio’s work has been featured on album covers, books and animations. Although there are clear inspirations behind his style, they are wonderfully unique and you will find something to adore in each and every piece. Even well known superheroes and celebrities take on a whole new life. Antonio’s imagination and creativity transform these iconic images into something magnificently new again.



The wonderful artist behind these works has always known that this is his calling, born in the South of Spain in the City Almeria, Antonio says “From a young age my passion for art made me realize that this was the path that I was born to follow. My true interest lies in illustrations” Currently living in London, Antonio has been embracing the city’s vibrant culture. He has been establishing himself as an illustrator in the City for the past 3 years, he feels it offers him diversity and innovation, which you can clearly see he has achieved in his current work.

With solo exhibitions in Spain, Italy, UK, Portugal and France and group exhibitions in Las Vegas, New York and México. It’s only a matter of time before you will come across some of Antonio’s illustrations. He has a wonderful book quickly gaining popularity called La Princesa Aburrida (The Bored Princess) written by his sister and full of his amazing images, a second book is currently in the works and due for release in 2017.

You can find Antonio’s work exhibited at Krausen Gallery in New York | Gallerie 291est in Italy |the National Library in Spain.










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