Superhero: IV Annual Portrait Invitational @ Modern Eden Gallery


Modern Eden Gallery proudly presents their IV Annual Portrait Invitational, ‘Superhero’, alongside the gallery’s five-year anniversary! With cause for celebration, artists from across the globe come together and ‘lift the mask’ with a marvel-ous new collection of work.

But beware the alter-ego masterminds and savage rulers with all their evils. Painted villains and caped vixens bound in impenetrable armor stand strong while our honorable defenders shield humanity from the threats of these wicked counterparts. From neophyte pink blade blasters to unstoppable masters of the universe, everyone loves a superhero. With phenomenal strength, energy sourcing, mental domination, and induced-evolution mutations… they even make spandex bodysuits look good.

‘Superhero’  | Modern Eden Gallery


Opening Reception:
June 13, 2015 | 6-9PM

Exhibition Dates:
June 13–July 3, 2015

Exhibition Curator:
Bradley Platz

Modern Eden Gallery
801 Greenwich Street | San Francisco, CA

For purchasing information and availability, please contact the gallery directly at info@moderneden.com


Featured Artists:
Bradley Platz, Daniel J Valadez, Adam Caldwell, Rich Pellegrino, Leilani Bustamante, Emilio Villalba, Catherine Moore, Brianna Angelakis, Brian Donnelly, Henry Schreiber, Isabel Samaras, Jean-Pierre Arboleda, Hannah Yata, Terry Ribera, Sarah Joncas, Melissa Morgan, Robert Bowen, Monty Guy, Steve ‘Primary’ Hughes, Scott Holloway, Craig LaRotonda, Matthew Robertson, Helice Wen, Steve Lawson, Brenton Bostwick, Carl Faulkner

Press Release:
Modern Eden Gallery is excited to present ‘Superhero’, an art exhibition paying homage to the champions and defenders of the world, born from the exemplary imaginations of renowned illustrators, writers, publishers, and filmmakers. Exhibition curator, Bradley Platz continues the annual exhibition tradition by inviting the leading contemporary artists to create a unique interpretation in the style of classical portraiture painting.



modern_eden_beautifulbizarre_002Catherine Moore ‘Mina’ (Mina Murray)

modern_eden_beautifulbizarre_003Henry Schreiber ‘What a Mouse’ (Mighty Mouse)

modern_eden_beautifulbizarre_004Melissa Morgan (Emma Frost)

modern_eden_beautifulbizarre_005Primary Hughes ‘Daughter Of Themyscira’ (Wonder-Woman)

modern_eden_beautifulbizarre_006Brian Donnelly ‘Waning’ (Batman)

modern_eden_beautifulbizarre_007Steve Lawson ‘Our Lady Of Arkham’ (Harley Quinn)

modern_eden_beautifulbizarre_008Rich Pellegrino ‘Dinner Party’ (Catwoman)

modern_eden_beautifulbizarre_009Jean Pierre Arboleda & Hannah Yata ‘American Heros’ (The Coon and Mysterion)

modern_eden_beautifulbizarre_010Brianna Angelakis ‘Storm’ (Storm- Ororo Munroe)

modern_eden_beautifulbizarre_011Craig LaRotonda ‘Son of Crypton’ (Superman)

modern_eden_beautifulbizarre_012 Sarah Joncas ‘Inner Universe’ (Major) 

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