Arch Enemy Arts 3rd Anniversary Exhibition

3 years, 3 shows, 36 artists, 1 night!

On Friday, April 3, 2015, Arch Enemy Arts proudly celebrates the gallery’s 3rd Anniversary with not one but three unbelievable exhibitions. Get ready for an art extravaganza and a night you won’t want to miss!

For purchasing information and availability, please contact archenemyarts {at} gmail {dot} com or call 215.717.7774


Opening Reception:
April 3, 2015 | 6 – 10PM

Arch Enemy Arts

111 Arch Street


Imaginary Menagerie: The Arch Enemy Arts Guide to Cryptozoology Vol. 1

To kick things off, Arch Enemy Arts selected 22 of their favorite artists from across the globe to participate in “Imaginary Menagerie: The Arch Enemy Arts Guide to Cryptozoology Vol. 1”, a show dedicated to the concept of mythical creatures and legendary beings. Featuring a new collection of work, each artist renders their own unique interpretation and creative style.

Featured Artists:

 100taur • Boy Kong • Caitlin Hackett • Caitlin McCormack • Carisa Swenson • Carly Janine Mazur • David Natale • Erika Sanada • Heather McLean • Julie Filipenko • Keely Benkey-Reichman • Kelly McKernan • Lara Dann • Leilani Bustamante • Maryanna Hoggatt • Rebecca Yanovskaya • Robert Kraiza • Sean Talamini • Scott Kirschner • Hanna Jaeun • Veks Van Hillik • Naoto Hattori

Julie_Filipenko_beautifulbizarre_003-Julie Filipenko-

Erika_Sanada_beautifulbizarre_004-Erika Sanada-

Robert_Kraiza_beautifulbizarre_019-Robert Kraiza-


Caitlin_Hackett_beautifulbizarre_009-Caitlin Hackett-

Caitlin_McCormack_beautifulbizarre_008-Caitlin T. McCormack-

Kelly_McKernan_beautifulbizarre_007-Kelly McKernan-

Veks_Van_Hillik_beautifulbizarre_011-Veks Van Hillik-

Naoto_Hattori_beautifulbizarre_010-Naoto Hattori-

Maryanna_Hoggatt_beautifulbizarre_012-Maryanna Hoggatt-

Boy_Kong_beautifulbizarre_013-Boy Kong-

Hanna_Jaeun_beautifulbizarre_002-Hanna Jaeun-


Are you ready for more? Next in this incredible lineup is “Stacked”, Arch Enemy Arts very first customization show. This highly anticipated event features the works of nine talented artists, who each received blank, wooden matryoshka dolls (Russian nesting doll) to sculpt, paint, and transform into their own imaginative creations.

Featured Artists:

NoseGo • 64 Colors • Chris B. Murray • Gia Rose • Jel Ena • Sheri DeBow • Julianna Menna • Kristen Egan • Sean Talamini

Juliana_Menna_beautifulbizarre_017Julianna Menna

Kristen_Egan_beautifulbizarre_015-Kristen Egan-


Sean_Talamini_beautifulbizarre_014-Sean Talamini-

Full Bleed

As if the night wasn’t already a veritable cornucopia of artistic eye candy, this triple threat anniversary exhibition delves further into the creative depths with a limited edition print show. Featuring four of Arch Enemy Arts favorite print designers, each artist will offer three limited edition prints.

Featured Artists:

Jeffrey Everett (Rockets Are Red) • Mike Wohlberg • Grace Hwang • Bruno Guerreiro

Grace_Hwang_beautifulbizarre_012-Grace Hwang-

Jeffrey_Everett_beautifulbizarre_018-Jeffrey Everett (Rockets Are Red)-

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