Moleskine Project IV @ Hashimoto Contemporary

I must admit I am fascinated by the Moleskine project envisaged and brought to life by Australian artist Rod Luff in 2011, so many diverse and brilliant artists working on one specific medium to express their unique creative voice. Rod describes the ‘Moleskine Project IV’, “The ubiquitous sketchbook is a common ground through which a visual dialogue is exchanged from page to page, forming a colorful language of imagery and experimental use of media throughout the exhibition. In experiencing the multitude of personal realms depicted by the artists, we are drawn to appreciate the seemingly infinite range of creative possibilities that exist within the omnipresent blank page. This show is a tribute to the power of sketchbooks to influence and inform others as well as ourselves.”

‘Moleskine Project IV – a collective sketchbook show’ features the work of over 70 artists and is presented by co-curators Rod Luff & Ken Harman of Hashimoto Contemporary. We hope you enjoy the preview of some of our favourite pieces in the show!

Moleskine Project IV

Opening Night Reception: Saturday, April 4th, 6pm – 10pm.
April 4 – April 25, 2015

moleskine project IV_beautifulbizarre

Hashimoto Contemporary

804 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Craww_beautifulbizarreCRAWW (beautiful.bizarre Issue 008 featured artist)


Martine Johanna_beautifulbizarreMartine Johanna (beautiful.bizarre Issue 008 featured artist)

Brian Viveros_beautifulbizarre_aBrian M Viveros (beautiful.bizarre Issue 002 featured artist)

Sarah Joncas_beautifulbizarreSarah Joncas (beautiful.bizarre Issue 005 featured artist)

Rodrigo Luff_beautifulbizarre_001 Rod Luff

Jeremy Enecio_beautifulbizarreJeremy Enecio

Stella Im Hultberg_beautifulbizarreStella Im Hultberg

Henrik Uldalen_beautifulbizarreHenrik Uldalen

Damian Chavez_beautifulbizarreDamian Chavez

Sam Wolfe Connelly_beautifulbizarreSam Wolfe Connelly

NC Winters_beautifulbizarreN.C. Winters

Redd Walitzki_beautifulbizarreRedd Walitzki (beautiful.bizarre Issue 004 featured artist)

ZambranoKate Zambrano

Dorian Vallejo_beautifulbizarre_001Dorian Vallejo

Christine Wu_beautifulbizarreChristine Wu

Shawn Barber_beautifulbizarreShawn Barber

Lucy Hardie_beautifulbizarreLucy Hardie

Michael Sutfin_beautifulbizarreMichael Sutfin

Miles Johnston_beautifulbizarreMiles Johnston

Tran Nguyen_beautifulbizarreTran Nguyen

Helice Wen_beautifulbizarreHelice Wen

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