There is nothing subtle about Lauren YS, and anyone who wanders into her surreal world are bombarded by dripping monsters, deformed tentacles and eyes popping out of heads in punchy over the top colors.  She tapers the vulgarity of the imagery with an illustrative style, which makes the work feel more absurd than crude, almost naughty.  Her art is largely inspired her experiences on campus at Stanford (well, that’s my guess anyway, she never said that) where she graduated in 2011 before beginning work with Juxtapoz Magazine and taking a residency at Rabbit Eye Movement in Vienna.  She is as well known of her drawings as her paintings, and made headlines in December with high critical praise for her murals at Miami’s Wynwood District as part of the 2014 Art Basel festivities.

Lauren YS currently has work on display at Spoke Art as part of the 4th Annual Supersonic Invitational. For additional information about her upcoming shows, check out her website

Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_014 Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_015 Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_013 Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_012 Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_005 Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_001 Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_002 Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_003 Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_008 Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_004 Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_007 Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_006 Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_010 Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_009

Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_016

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