We all need colour in winter and who knows this better than the Scandinavian people? Natalie Foss, a young illustrator from Oslo, Norway, provides it in abundance with her technicolor portraits. After art studies in Strykejernet, Norway, Natalie moved to London to complete a Bachelor of Illustration at the Kingston University. While her day-job is working in a fashion house, she also manages to create illustrations for magazines, musicians and personal purposes.

Her illustrations are characterized by minimalist tint areas framing the blueish hands and faces of fascinating teenage girls. The whimsicality of Natalie Foss’ universe is reinforced by poetic patterns adorning the clothes or hair of her feminine figures, made up of joyful symbols of nature such as animals, stars or geometric shapes. Created with only colour pencils and coloured paper, the drawings are both intensely simple and full of melancholic detail. Natalie’s heroines quietly reveal a delicate range of feelings, giving a touching effect of innermost intimacy. The emotional universe of this young artist is definitely worth following in the future.

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Natalie_Foss_beautifulbizarre (5)Natalie_Foss_beautifulbizarre (4)Natalie_Foss_beautifulbizarre (2)

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