Rose Freymuth-Frazier: A Full-bodied Body of Work

American Figure painter and graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy, Rose Freymuth-Frazier left the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains for the big city of New York. It was there that she apprenticed under nationally recognized figurative painter, Steven Assael.  Later, her dedicated study took her to Norway to further apprentice under Odd Nerdrum.

Through a technically concentrated body of imagery, her contemporary paintings propel universal messages of many of today’s societal qualms while addressing themes such as sexuality, androgyny and the sensitivities of childhood development.  The detailed composition and cheeky imagination in her paintings is nothing short of impressive, leaving viewers in a state of curious interpretation, admiration and nuanced emotion. Encapsulating the female psyche, Freymuth-Frazier exposes the beast of insecurity, the chains of domesticity and the Freudian slip of every water balloon and smoke-billowing cigar. There in the steadiness of her beautifully rendered fleshy female empowerment, she boldly displays brass knuckles, vintage hair curlers and breast pumps for all to see. From battered beauty queens and seductive homemakers to transsexual sisterhood and castrated unicorn horns, Freymuth-Frazier’s work has certainly earned its patronage.

A collection of her work is on display at Cavalier Galleries Contemporary Realism Exhibition in New York City, which runs April 7th – 30th.

Rose_Freymuth-Frazier_World_Domination_beautifulbizarreRose_Freymuth_Frazier_Wedding_Party_beautifulbizarre Rose_Freymuth_Frazier_Balloons_beautifulbizarre Rose_Freymuth_Frazier_Grand_Old_Party_beautifulbizarre Rose_Freymuth_Frazier_Party_Favor_beautifulbizarreRose_Freymuth_Frazier_Litter_beautifulbizarreRose_Freymuth_Frazier_Narcissus_First_Kiss_beautifulbizarreRose_Freymuth_Frazier_Whispering_ Sisters_beautifulbizarreRose_Freymuth_Frazier_Uprising_beautifulbizarre Rose_Freymuth_Frazier_Variations_beautifulbizarreRose_Freymuth_Frazier_Three_Nurses_beautifulbizarre

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