iCanvas Special: Provoking New Perspectives With Digital Art

This article has been published on behalf of iCanvas, Gold Sponsor of the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Digital Art Award 2023. We would like to thank iCanvas once again for their support and generosity, allowing us to provide a significant cash prize for the Digital Art 1st prize winner in 2023.

Art has transformative powers. From influencing societies to strengthening cultures to changing mindsets, artwork can shape our ways of thinking. At iCanvas, we love prints that get our gears turning. Beyond being beautiful, artwork laced with curiosity is a classic way to instigate some interesting inner dialogue.

Artists have innumerable ways to inject new ideas into their work. Choice of tools and medium are just a few decisions that dramatically impact the final result. As a Gold Sponsor of the Digital Art category in Beautiful Bizarre’s 2023 Art Prize, we’re highlighting ten intriguing prints we love created using some digital wizardry.

Featuring eerie messages of optimism, enchanting flavors of whimsy, and exaggerated senses of scale, this selection of artwork aims to stir up thoughts. Whether or not you detect any touches of technology, we hope you see a print in this mix that moves your mind in new directions.

Davansh Atry

Davansh Atry: Keep Walking

Lighting up scenes with dramatic doses of neon, Davansh Atry’s striking 3D art has also graced Beautiful Bizarre’s Instagram feed. Infusing a pop of pink words against an eerie natural setting, the digital touch in this print is hardly subtle. His message glows against the dark and desolate backdrop, forcing our attention towards an uplifting thought. We love that in this rather ominous scene, optimism is what shines through.


CrumbsAndGubs: Mirror

CrumbsAndGubs’ surreal illustrations pull us into the stuff of nightmares. Using organic textures and hand-drawn lines, we’re nearly blind to the fact this creepy portrait is digital. Showing hands clawing out of a mirror and a piercing empty stare, this spooky scene leaves us feeling haunted. While part of us wants to run, we just can’t seem to look away!

Noelle. T

Noelle. T: Slice Of Dream

Noelle. T brings a touch of storybook magic to all things ordinary. Serving us a slice of fantasy, we’re enchanted by the dreamy flavor of whimsy in this print. Perhaps leaning more beautiful than bizarre, this sweet dessert scene really feeds our imagination. From the goldfish swimming towards a sea of stars to the idyllic style of life atop a cake, we find the details in this print delicious.

Ars Fantasio

Ars Fantasio: Magpie Calling

In his Limited Edition prints, Ars Fantasio takes fan favorite characters and wraps them in layers of realism. Surrounded by a wintry setting, it feels like the snow-covered police box is just a vintage kiosk. Grounded by the propped shovel and the magpie perched on the fence, it’s easy to forget this isn’t a normal callbox. We can barely believe this structure actually travels through time and space!

Anne Martwijit

Anne Martwijit: Angelas Crown

A 2022 Beautiful Bizarre Digital Art Prize finalist, Anne Martwijit’s portraits reveal mysterious maidens with macabre features. It’s the juxtaposition of delicate and dark that pulls us into this print. The soft green color, fluttering butterflies, and intricate tattoo design scream beauty and grace. But her heavy black eyes and the strings bounding their wings make us think of more sinister things. Leaving us swirling in an exciting mix of emotions.

Antenor Von Khan

Antenor Von Khan: Little Coffe

A dose of moodiness and dark energy is seen across Antenor Von Khan’s smokey eyed characters. This coffee date moment is no exception. Wearing a sharp suit and adorned with a halo of flying friends, it’s the couples’ distorted beauty we find most captivating. His intense expression alongside her apathetic allure makes us so curious about the conversation at that table. It’s a level of intrigue we can’t help but drink up.

Irina Greciuhina

Irina Greciuhina: Spider Cat

Peculiar meets futuristic in Irina Greciuhina’s digitally painted female portraits. Sporting sci-fi spectacles, wearing a gravity-defying garment, and holding a hairless cat, this print is already unusual. But the eight-legged surprise catching the sphynx’s eyes is what makes us scratch our heads. Confusing? Yes. But we love art that leaves us a little lost in wonder.

Fran Rodriguez

Fran Rodriguez: I Am Dawn

Fran Rodriguez takes us away to other worlds in his surreal space and nature scenes. This solitary stroll through a barren landscape makes us feel small and alone. The scale of the giant eye in the sky only exaggerates any sense of insignificance. Yet we find the scene a comforting reminder we’re all made of star stuff. That when we look into the expansive presence of the cosmos, what we see is you and me.


Wassermoth: Sapientia

Female empowerment and strength are beautifully intertwined in Wassermoth’s digital illustrations. This poetic portrait is full of fascinating details. From her shimmering crown to the crashing waves to the patterns in her garment, the mix of textures alone is captivating. Throw in her piercing stare and a symbolic swan and we’re in love. As a personification of wisdom, we see her confident yet elegant portrayal as a wise choice.

Kerstin Jedwill

Kerstin Jedwill: Water Is Life

Another digital finalist in Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2022, Kerstin Jedwill creates imaginative collages of people and animals. Connecting water to life, this scene is overflowing with power. The thunderous force of the crashing waves against her exposed and delicate stance dramatically explores this vital relationship. And noticing a nod to Venus’ birth, our appreciation for this print continues to swell.

We hope you saw some artwork that prompted new perspectives. Want to explore all the ways digital art can make you feel? Dive into our full collection of digital artwork available to find a print that speaks to you.

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