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Your Top 10 Instagram Posts of 2021: Digital Art

The beginning of the year is the ideal time to gather our community, share memories and express our deep gratitude to all our followers for their support of our independent magazine over the last year! Thank you so very much for all your likes, comments and shares.

2021 is now history… but the art we encountered during the last year on Instagram left a lasting impression and remains in our hearts and minds. To revive the memories of the pieces you, our amazing followers loved the most, we are featuring your TOP 10 most liked posts on Instagram in the categories: traditional art, sculpture, digital art, photography, wearable art, and video.

For Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, 2022 is a very important year – we will celebrate the 9th Anniversary of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine with the release of the June Issue! Plus it is the 5th year of the international Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize which opened for entries on 1 February. We are very looking forward to discovering lots of amazing new talent, and once again engaging with artists who have fallen off our radar due to the insane social media algorithms! This year we have over US$57,000 in cash and prizes to giveaway to the winners across each Award category: Traditional Art, Photography, Sculpture and Digital Art.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive US$13,500 cash! So if you are an artist working in the field of digital art, you can submit your entries for the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize here!

So after publishing your Top 10 traditional art, photography and sculpture posts of last year from Instagram, let’s continue with your TOP 10 most ‘liked’ in the category DIGITAL ART – take a peek at below.

1. James Rupapara

2. DocZenith

3. Slutfocate

4. Vadim Solovyev

5. Kasi Turpin

6. Jugoslav Stankin

7. Irakli Nadar

8. Shusaku Takaoka

9. Yanjun Cheng

10. Josh Pierce


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