iCanvas Special: Transcending Reality With Digital Art

In this article, iCanvas shares some of their favourite digital artists. Enjoy.

Artistic mediums are constantly evolving, making way for boundless self expression. And as the pace of technological innovation accelerates, so does the expanse of creative accessibility. At iCanvas, we’re lucky enough to witness how digital technology empowers artists to indulge in limitless imagination in new ways.

From minimalist line drawings, to fine art painted on screen, to dramatically enhanced worlds of wonder. The work of digital artists never ceases to amaze us. This is why we are thrilled to once again partner with Beautiful Bizarre Magazine to sponsor their 2021 Art Prize, this year in the Digital Art category.

To keep us going until entries are in, we’re reflecting on some of our own favourite prints. This time we focus on the alluring dose of digital! Whether it’s an image with a touch of tech magic or a surreal scene brought to life entirely on a computer, these visual artists embrace the collision of reality and imagination. Their work has the power to both trick the mind’s eye and push the human psyche to new heights.

While some have already captivated Beautiful Bizarre readers with their mysterious creations, we hope to introduce you to some more visionaries with distinctive digital spins. Keep scrolling to join us on a perplexing path filled with double entendres, fantasy and mysticism.

iCanvas’ selection

Hillary D. Wilson

“The Oracle” by Hillary D Wilson

Contrasting realism with enchantment, Hillary D. Wilson inspires us to consider an unspoken depth and sense of soul in her mythical subjects. To us this specific piece feels ripe with wisdom, depicting a blinded oracle illuminated by a ray of light. Surrounded by gold coins and butterflies, there is beauty. But it makes us contemplate the contrasted themes of enlightenment and entrapment at the expense of her quiet strength. See more here!

Jordan Marchand

“More Aurata” by Jordan Marchand

Female portraiture takes a new form in Jordan Marchand’s dreamy yet dark work. Dripping with ornate details and lavish jewels, we’re mesmerized by the sophisticated macabre prevalent in this piece. We can’t help but soak up the symbolism of the adorned skull as an exploration of femininity and society’s obsession with the idea of fleeting beauty. See more here!

Catrin Welz-Stein 

“Of Cups” by Catrin Welz-Stein

The charming familiarity of Catrin Welz-Stein’s work gives us major storybook vibes — the kind made possible by unusual beasts portrayed as sweet creatures. As a finalist in Beautiful Bizarre’s 2019 Digital Art category, her enchanting worlds have gained love for their exploration of folklore and romance. We’re captivated by the contrast of anthropomorphic traits and elements of fantasy in this piece. She challenges us to consider what’s beneath the surface. See more here!

Mario Sanchez Nevado

“Deliberation” by Mario Sanchez Nevado

Inspiring us to reflect on the correlations between humanity and nature, Mario Sanchez Nevado’s work demonstrates the beauty and madness we share with Mother Earth. We’re moved by the emotional depth of internal conflict illustrated in this piece. A metaphorically exploding mind and inflamed soul connect deeply with us. Additionally, the representation of psychological turmoil feels like a relatable nod to the solitary loneliness we’ve all experienced. Want to see more? Click here!

Daniel James Smith

“Bus Stoppe” by Daniel James Smith

Urban-meets-imaginative in Daniel James Smith’s depictions of surrealism in the modern world.  His juxtaposition of a city scene with out-of-place marine animals and creepy characters inspires us to get a bit introspective in our interpretations. Whether it’s a commentary on feeling curious in an unusual world or finding company with the voices in your head, we dig how he invites us to embrace the unknown. In fact, Daniel’s works always have us mesmerised with his surrealism and details. Savor more here!

Giulio Rossi

“Metamorphosis” by Giulio Rossi

We’re entranced by the way sublime merges with sensuality in Giulio Rossi’s female portraits. No stranger to Beautiful Bizarre, his combination of women with elaborate patterns and natural elements makes us reflect on the layers of the human condition. Sitting at the intersection of dark beauty and bold fashion, we see this image as a telling depiction of mental metamorphosis and self-assuredness. Guilio’s portraits always blow our minds! Enjoy more here.

David Loblaw

David Loblaw-Electric-Jellyfish-Forest
“Electric Jellyfish Forest” by David Loblaw

We can’t get enough of David Loblaw’s digital injection of magical elements into ordinary scenes. He is a master of playing with light and illusion. Visually, the contrast of gloomy fog with the bioluminescence of giant jellyfish rocks our world. As a result, we’re ready to get lost in an alternate reality where land and sea come together as one. Love this piece? See more magic here!

Lillian Liu

“Athena” by Lillian Liu

We find it easy to idolize the goddesses at the center of Lillian Liu’s digitally enhanced photographs. Donning a flowing gown and metallic armour, the female subject in this piece is rich in strength, beauty and character. Her blend of mythical elements, mysticism and feminine power results in a baroque feel. Athena here is a true goddess! It completely takes our breath away, while giving us major renaissance vibes. Love Lillian’s magical tales? Enjoy more here!

Gokcen Yuksek

“Every Sweat Blossoms” by Gokcen Yuksek

This wonderful image was a 2020 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize finalist. However, you may be surprised to learn it’s one of Gokcen Yuksek’s only digital prints in our catalog! We’re captivated by the way she brings the same stylized detail to it as she does to her oil paintings, with an added touch of dimension and movement. The transformation of droplets of sweat into delicate blossoms is subtle yet thought-provoking. Powerfully, it makes us reflect on the manifestation of good things through struggle and determination. Appreciate more at iCanvas here!


“Garden Delights” by Nicebleed

By bringing an astronaut down to earth in this piece, Nicebleed ironically takes us out of this world. We adore the rich textures and colors. As a potential narration for feeling lost on another planet, we love the way this piece seems to play on the classic “Garden of Earthly Delights” triptych by Hieronymous Bosch. It makes us contemplate: what happens when Earth isn’t enough? Enjoy more here!

Ruben Ireland

“Your Darkest Everything” by Ruben Ireland

Another artist prevalent in Beautiful Bizarre’s hemisphere, we see Ruben Ireland’s solitary female portraits as digitally painted poetry. The shadows, symmetry, and quiet strength of femininity in this image is complemented by the connection between human and creature. We can’t imagine a better icon to illustrate this sense of dignity and emotional depth than Frida Kahlo. Love more here!

Waldemar Kazak 

“Monday” by Waldemar Kazak

We’re entertained by the way Waldemar Kazak overlaps erotica with a bit of lightheartedness in this piece. His depiction of curious situations unapologetically challenges perspectives and social norms. We dig how it encourages the hidden parts of our imaginations. Plus, what’s more fun than flirting with surrealism and sexuality? See more here!

Excitingly, this collection of digital art is just a glimpse into what we offer at iCanvas. Want to discover more digital prints spanning across styles and subjects? Dive deeper into this versatile cosmos. Explore our full collection of digital works by visual artists from all over the world.

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