The Psychedelic Eroticism of PHAZED

Hypnotic neon colors, psychedelic landscapes, nudity, and a llama-corn, Canadian-born artist PHAZED has it all. Jean Francois Painchaud, also known as INSTAPHAZED on Instagram, invites his audience to join him on a mind-altering voyage. Using a palette of hues of immense vibrancy, PHAZED brings emotion and action to otherwise still pictures.

The digital artist focuses on various subjects including portraits, cats, erotica, food, landscapes, and still-lives. Some of his works focus less on a subject and more on color and movement as the viewer is thrown into the abyss of science fiction and an acid trip. While color is the outstanding theme in PHAZED’s work, there are several black and white pieces that highlight stunning simplicity.

PHAZED also tastefully explores sexuality in his artworks by depicting individuals in the nude, engaged in a multitude of erotic actions, underscoring the energy of emotion and pleasure. His models, often enveloped in muted hues, show kinetic energy in places like their hands and genitals. Touch becomes the paramount attraction between two people in his pieces, sending out brilliant energies that know no boundaries. The rainbow colors charge his pieces, often shown as energetic light bursting just beneath the skin. In other pieces, PHAZED utilizes the .gif format and brings actual movement to his renderings. The colors pulse and glow, models kiss, and grind and that psychedelic feeling washes over the viewers.

Some of his pieces are laden with both spiritualism and symbolism, addressing the essence of enlightenment in art. As the gateway to a higher consciousness and the inner realms, the third eye shows up often on various subjects, inviting viewers to expand their horizons. It reminds viewers that though art is often in the eye of the beholder, too many of us have the wrong eye open.

Without the colorful theme, animals, specifically cats, permeate his pieces. At times, they are shown as humans with animal heads in bright cheerful adaptations reminiscent of Lisa Frank. Others take on a enlightened  spiritual creatures and space companions.

In addition to all of his artwork, Jean Francois also makes music, which can be heard through Soundlcoud. The music easily keeps pace with his artwork using both natural and synthesized elements. The music is easy to listen to and is comfortable enough to be relaxing.

PHAZED has artwork available for purchase by Society6 to print on almost anything, adding to his abstract style.

About Author

Warrior, witch, wandering wordsmith. Watchful woman of the wild. Artist, storyteller, all around hobbyist.


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