Breaking Records with High Art 2019

Sometimes, you just need to start the party early.

Before this year’s High Art contest is even over, The Natural Cannabis Company is already celebrating. Not only have over 1,800 entries been submitted to them over the past three weeks, but NCC have broken their current record of submissions, from 84 to an incredible 101 countries taking part! There are only a couple of days left to get in on the action before it closes on March 21st, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to submit and win High Art 2019 – and be part of record-breaking history!

The winning artworks are also used to decorate future packaging for The Natural Cannabis’ products, including bios about each of the artists, and sharing their artwork with the world!

Back then, it was the first time I had the courage to submit my art to a competition, and I became a finalist that year. I was shocked that I made it that far, and it’s one of the things that pushed me to make the change from studying medicine to art full-time.

Every year I check to find out when the High Art competition is happening, because I always love their topics and find them to be very inspiring. I just love browsing through other people’s art and checking it all out. There’s something about the High Art community that’s so nice and relaxed, that it inspires me too.”

Veronika Vajdova a.k.a. Wer0ni, previous High Art Finalist.

Wer0ni (Veronika Vajdova) – Dive Deeper

High Art aims to celebrate artwork from around the world, with a focus on the appreciation of being high, both while creating art and as an experience in itself. Utilising cannabis is not a requirement to enter the competition. Natural Cannabis works within the states in which the drug is legal, yet they didn’t want to close the contest to those living in areas where it is not. As such, the non-acquisitional contest is open to those who don’t smoke marijuana as well as to those who do.

As with every year, the main focus is on the annual theme. This year, they are looking for artwork based around Technology, and the grand prize winner will receive $15,000 USD plus a $10,000 USD donation will be made in their name to a deserving international charity. For more details on submitting and the prizes, head over to the High Art section of the Natural Cannabis website. It’s free to enter, so why not submit!

Celebrity Jury Panel

As if that wasn’t enough, in addition to their steadfast panel of High Art creators judging for 2019, The Natural Cannabis Company have enlisted three celebrities, each of whom are well-respected within their own fields of artistry. [From Natural Cannabis website:]

Mondo Porras: Godfather of Choppers

World-famous motorcycle builder of Denver’s Choppers and builder of the award-winning High Art Chopper, Mondo Porras lends his skilled eye to evaluating this year’s High Art entries. Mondo has made frequent appearances on Discovery, ESPN and Speed Channel.

Anne and Julien: Hey! Magazine

Although this duo counts as a single judge, Anne and Julien bring their years of experience in the world of art to the judging panel. Hey! explores art and pop culture through an art magazine, exhibitions, and art shows. Anne is the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Hey! and curator of exhibitions. In addition to his work with Hey! Julian is a music policy consultant and programmer.

Donnell Rawlings: “Ashy Larry”

Best known for his appearances as Ashy Larry on Chappelle’s Show and his work on hit HBO series The Wire, talented actor and comedian Donnell Rawlings lends his creative eye to the High Art 2019 judging panel.

Art has always been ingrained in my body and soul some way or another whether it be music, painting… designing. I’ve grown up believing that art gives us the ultimate freedom to express our ideas and beliefs in ways that bridge barriers like language, culture and religion. As such, stepping in to the role of High Art Director has been the perfect opportunity to work with a team that truly believes in supporting this. High Art asks everyone, no matter their experience, culture, religions or beliefs to express their views on a commonly misunderstood (but obviously known WORLDWIDE) unifier, cannabis!

Each year, we hear stories of inspiration; artists who risk their lives to support the use and expression of cannabis and their art, and we are honoured to help give them a platform to get their stories out there! We are proud that over half the world (we reached artists from over 100 countries this year!) supports cannabis and can see its ability to inspire creativity and unity.

We will continue to nurture artists from around the world in expressing their creativity, and to send the message to the art community that: ART IS ART – DIGITAL ART IS ART, and we will do everything in our power to spread this message and the beautiful art that proves it to the entire world!

Noa Commendador, Art and Media Coordinator at The Natural Cannabis Company.

Don’t fancy submitting but still want to join in with the fun? The Natural Cannabis Company continues to engage with their followers in multiple levels; head over to the High Art 2019 website to see this year’s submissions as they come in, and add your vote as to which artworks should move through to the finals!

Eva Redamonti – Turn Off Your Phone

Mina Elise – Sativa

Nyki Way – Spirit

Pablo Gerardo Camacho – Ode to El Plum

Rafael Silveira – Dry Mouth

Lucas Quinn – Nihilist’s Breath of Purpose

Kirren Jones – Space and Mind

Stephen Bossler – Psychephoria

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