The Modern Muse @ Rehs Contemporary Galleries

A ‘muse’ means many a splendor to the eye of the beholder…

Come explore “The Modern Muse” and see what it rouses in you as Rehs Contemporary Galleries proudly presents their third annual ARC Select exhibition. This stunning new collection delves into the elegiac imaginings and creative interpretations of each artist, and features work by contemporary artists Linda Adair, Hiroshi Furuyoshi, David Bowers, Amanda Greive, Randalf Dilla and Michael Van Zeyl.

With a strong sense of realism and equally compelling narratives, these works of art draw upon the incomparable elements of surrealism and ambiguity that allows viewers to reflect upon the countless, meaningful possibilities. Join Rehs Contemporary Galleries in celebration of The Modern Muse.

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Press: The notion of the muse, originating in ancient Greece, stems from the mythological group of sister goddesses said to inspire literature, science and the arts – they were fittingly known as, The Muses. The muse has persisted through centuries, arousing some of the finest artistic and literary works. The same concept still holds true in a contemporary setting as we now define the muse, in the simplest of understandings, to be a source of inspiration (generally in relation to the arts). The Modern Muse explores how the traditional notion of the muse is invoked by a diverse and eclectic group of contemporary artists and the ways their inspiration manifests itself in their work.

Over the course of art history, the muse has been front and center in many artist’s work. Oftentimes the central figure of an entire career, the muse – the person themselves, their fashion, their elegance and mystery – wholly occupies and envelopes the artist’s mind. The likes of Frida Kahlo (and Diego Rivera), Salvador Dali (and Gala), Rene Magritte (and Georgette Berger), and Picasso (and Marie-Therese Walter) were all most inspired by their partners and lovers – each muse played a tremendous role in the development of their partner’s body of work. As is the case for David Bowers, he credits his wife as his “ultimate inspiration.” Interestingly, Bowers “concocts” his figures using bits and pieces of his partner along with influences from historical masterpieces, such as Munch’s The Scream and Caravaggio’s Bacchus. Similarly, Randalf Dilla from the Philippines, points to historical masterpieces – celebrated works of art featured in museums around the world. Dilla describes the feeling “almost like seduction, catching our attention, when seeing other works we admire.”

Other artists, like Amanda Greive, are more inspired by the journey her muses have taken… the primary motivation behind her work is to tease out the nuanced emotions embedded within the human condition and confront isolation and anxiety born of gender-based stereotypes. In this most recent body of work, Greive’s muses are not only women but flowers as well. As she says, “the qualities of one parallel the qualities of the other. Both women and flora can be viewed as delicate and fragile but also strong, persistent and resilient.” The floral elements of her powerful and thought-provoking compositions symbolically draw attention to femininity as a source of possible societal, emotional and personal conflict for the figure portrayed.

Regardless of what it is about the muse that inspires, it is clear they play a fundamental role in the creation of art; almost as necessary as the paint on a brush. The muse, the artist’s obsession, is disassembled and studied, exposed and presented, admired and revered – inspiring madness in us.

The Art Renewal Center

The Art Renewal Center was founded in 1999 for the advancement of traditional and contemporary representational art.  As one of the Internet’s leading art resources, the ARC has become a central hub for the promotion of Contemporary Realism (Post-Contemporary Art) and the resurgence of skill-based training in the visual arts.  In addition to their daily blogs and weekly newsletter, the International ARC Salon Competition, dedicated to realist artists, is the largest and most prestigious in the USA and perhaps the world.  Other features include the ARC’s annual scholarship competition that distributes $30,000 each year to students who attend ARC Approved schools, dozens of articles, essays and entire books that can be read online, both historical and contemporary.  The ARC museum contains images by over 7,000 of the greatest artists in history with over 80,000 images, many at high-resolution, including a growing number of 21st-Century artists in their Living Master and Artist’s Gallery.


Evening Opening:

October 26, 2018 | 6 – 9 PM

Day Opening:

October 27, 2018 |1 – 6 PM

Exhibition Dates:

October 29 – November 16, 2018 | Monday – Friday, 10AM – 5PM

*All other times by appointment

Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc.

5 East 57th Street
8th floor
New York NY 10022


Linda Adair

La Maupin – Oil on panel – 19.5×27

Verity – Oil on panel – 15.5×23.5

Language of Fans – Oil on panel – 19.5 x 15.5

Performance – Oil on panel – 15.75 x 23.5

Hiroshi Furuyoshi


David Bowers

The Scream Me Too – Oil on wood – 22.5 x 16.5

Goddess of Decadence – Oil on linen – 20 x 24

Amanda Greive

Drowning in the Delicate – Oil on wood panel – 13 x 18

Requiem for the Obedient – Oil on wood panel – 24 x 24

Woke Up Like This – Oil on wood panel – 30 inch diameter

Randalf Dilla

Eruption -Oil on canvas – 24 x 36

Metamorphose – Oil on canvas – 24 x 30

New Exhibition – Oil on canvas – 30 x 24

Tempest – Oil on canvas – 24 x 30

Michael Van Zeyl

Field of Lilies – oil on panel – 20 x 30

Powder – Oil on aluminum panel – 24 x 18

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