Embroidered Humanity: The Photography of Aline Brant

Art can be and can do many things. But sometimes, it just needs to make us connected with other human beings thanks to a genuine pureness. Aline Brant is one of those artists we are grateful they exist, as they are bringing so much happiness and innocence in our dark world. Indeed, this 34 year old Brazilian photographer perfectly knows how to capture light and love in her pictures and how to redistribute them to her beholders.

Her photography are displaying human beings in their simplicity, illustrating every step of life from playful children to elders full of pretty memories. The pictures are taken in natural light, without many effects, in black and white or in color, with truly delicate, organic tones. Her subjects are either in a neutral background or merged in a bucolic surrounding. However, Aline Brant doesn’t content herself with making sweet photography. She is also retouching her pictures in a very special way, not digitally, but by patiently and carefully embroidering the photographic paper.

This unique and original concept is truly adding more poetry to her already gorgeous photos. With her embroideries, the artist is reconnecting her models with nature and dreams. Celebrating smiles and bodies, she gives us a sheer feel of freedom and hope. We are children again, forever. The intimacies shared are chaste, glorified and natural. With a lot of tenderness, the Rio de Janeiro based embroiderer is revealing the inner beauty of women and men with colored threads.

From complex designs to minimalistic touches, the embellishments are recalling us to enjoy the simple pleasures and to marvel of nature’s wonders. The work of Aline Brant is essential in the fact that it is reminding us that nature is full of harmony, sweetness and love, that humanity should be too and that it is through art that we could find our lost paradise again.

Aline Brant


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