Three shows. One night.

This Friday, August 7, 2015, Arch Enemy Arts presents ‘Digital Mirrors’, a triple-threat event featuring an intriguing new collection of artwork. Portraying the myriad of ways emotion is shared and candidly conveyed in today’s modern era, this 17-artist group exhibition stands alongside Artist Spotlights on Halsey Swain and Carly Janine Mazur’s ‘Metamorphosis’.

Throughout history, symbols have existed as a means of unvoiced communication. Expressed with common origins, our contemporary setting has shifted from the ruins of spiral petroglyphs and ancient drawings on stone to digital gif renderings, hashtags, and the ever-popular emoji.


Who would’ve thought that posting a smiling pile of poo was hip? So if you feel like saying something without actually saying anything… #putanemojionit

Digital Mirrors


Opening Reception:
August 7, 2015 | 6-10PM

Exhibition Dates:
August 7 -30, 2015

 Arch Enemy Arts

111 Arch Street | Philadelphia, PA

For purchasing information and availability, contact the gallery directly at

“We have gained this very new way of visually communicating human emotions on an effective but often superficial or ordinary way. And to try to put that alongside what artists already do in carrying on the crucial role that art has maintained throughout history in tapping into our universal feelings and the human condition was something we thought would be really interesting idea to tackle.”

Patrick Shillenn, Co-Founder and Director at Arch Enemy Arts


Featured Artists:

Dilka Bear, Aof Smith, Matt Ritchie, Rachael Bridge, Peca, Richard Lindström, Jason Snyder, Naoto Hattori, Emily May Rose, Dessie Jackson, Wendy Ortiz, Marjolein Caljouw, Joe Hengst, Charlie Immer, JoKa, Hanna Jaeun, and Alex Garant


Dilka Bear


Alex Garant

Aof Smith_beautifulbizarre_004

Aof Smith


Dessie Jackson


Naoto Hattori


Hanna Jaeun


Joe Hengst


Emily May Rose 


Richard Lindström


Carly Janine Mazur |’Metamorphosis’

“While working on Metamorphosis, I broke, and I’m, not afraid to admit it. I was completely cut down by the challenge of creating a visual theme. My first attempt at pushing through the “cocoon” left me disheartened and doubting my ability to create. The first piece in the series, then titled Limbo, fell apart emotionally and compositionally, and I felt crushed by looming deadlines, although still a ways away, dominating the horizon. After a few days trapped in limbo, I had found a seam to push against.

It started with a thought: Metamorphosis is an organic process, following a limited set of rules and drawing from a limited set of resources. I found there an exit from limbo and the first piece “Abyss” took shape. Drawing from the natural process that is the show’s namesake, I decided upon a limited palette and an iterative design, and from there everything began to flow organically.”



Artist Spotlight | Halsey Swain


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