Otherworldly, Fantastical Creatures by Kindra Nikole

It’s not weird that in the fast, busy world we live in today fantasy is thriving. From books and series to films and conventions, if you’re looking for an escape there’s always something within reach. For Seattle based artist Kindra Nikole, photography is her way out of the real world. In her work, she takes you to the most wonderful places in nature and introduces you to the otherworldly, fantastical creatures that live there.

Even though there are people in Kindra’s images the pictures are never truly about them: they’re portraying nature in all its glory. By using magnificent, often handcrafted, costumes and props, she builds the portrait around the environment, displaying the true beauty of nature. Kindra’s collection ‘Dreamscapes’, is a series influenced by -fellow photographer- Kirsty Mitchell’s ‘Wonderland’. As some of you might know, Wonderland was created in memory of Kirsty mother, as a means of moving forward after she passed away. Unfortunately, this is also the background for Kindra’s series. It’s bittersweet to look at the images as they’re all stunningly beautiful, yet come from a very dark place.

Make sure to check out Kindra’s blog, where she shares fantastic behind the scenes photos and videos of her wonderful shoots!

kindra-nikole_beautiful-bizarre_001‘The Planet’s Pulse’

kindra-nikole_beautiful-bizarre_002‘The Box of the Graces’

kindra-nikole_beautiful-bizarre_003Dreamscapes: ‘The Forest’s Secrets’

kindra-nikole_beautiful-bizarre_004‘A Waking in the Wood’


kindra-nikole_beautiful-bizarre_006Dreamscapes: ‘Sleeper’

kindra-nikole_beautiful-bizarre_007Dreamscapes: ‘Germination’

kindra-nikole_beautiful-bizarre_008Dreamscapes: ‘Aegis’

kindra-nikole_beautiful-bizarre_009‘Temporal Frost’

kindra-nikole_beautiful-bizarre_010‘The Host of Seraphim’

kindra-nikole_beautiful-bizarre_011‘Valkyrie’s Lament’

kindra-nikole_beautiful-bizarre_012‘The World is Quiet Here’

kindra-nikole_beautiful-bizarre_013Dreamscapes: ‘The Dropcloud Princess’

kindra-nikole_beautiful-bizarre_014‘Midas’s Daughter’

kindra-nikole_beautiful-bizarre_015‘The Wisdom of the Incendiary Volumes’


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