Beautiful Bizarre curated exhibition “Fable & Folklore” @ Copro Gallery

The Fable & Folklore exhibition is Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’s 17th international curated exhibition, and our 2nd in partnership with Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, USA! This exhibition brings together 80 incredible local American and international artists. Each exploring the Fable and Folklore theme through the lens of their unique lived experience and artistic styles. While at the same time bringing the pages of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine to life!

Everyone has the same experiences, yet everyone responds differently to them. Hunger and pain. Hot and cold weather. Joy and sorrow. Our reactions to these events may vary, but all of these things are unavoidable. Folklore gives us the wisdom to understand these moments from different points of view.

It showcases that all of our problems and successes happen in every culture and throughout different periods of history. We are unique as individuals, but we are all connected through these moral truths.

Farmers’ Almanac

Fables often transport readers and listeners to a fantasy realm depicting epic adventure with magical elements and mythical creatures that relate to the traditional beliefs, customs and stories of a community that transcends generations. They are timeless and enchanting stories that often contain moral lessons that can be learned about a particular tradition, culture or society through the stories it tells.

The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages is preserved into perpetuity by a nation’s fables, folklore, and proverbs.

William Feather

Fable & Folklore Exhibition

The opening reception at Copro Gallery will be open to the public, all are welcome!

Of course, Copro Gallery will have all the work up online after the opening so you can peruse the exhibition at your leisure. Please do email Copro Gallery Director Gary Pressman so you can be added to the Collectors Preview, if you are considering purchasing any of the work.

Beautiful Bizarre curated exhibition “Fable & Folklore” @ Copro Gallery

Fable & Folklore

International Group Exhibition curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 4, 2024 | 6 – 10 pm

Exhibition Dates: May 4 – 25, 2024

Copro Gallery

Copro Gallery | 2525 Michigan Ave T5, Sabra Monica, CA United States | Ph: 310-829-2156

To receive the Collectors Preview please email Gary Pressman at CoproGallery@Live.com

Exhibiting artists

Alex Garant, Allen Williams, Andi Soto, Angela Gram, Annie Montgomerie, Aron Wiesenfeld, Babs Webb, Brian Viveros, Calvin Ma, Camilla d’Errico, Chet Zar, Chris Guest, Crystal Morey, Dewi Plass, Dolce Paganne, Ed Binkley, Ellen Jewett, Erik Mark Sandberg, Erika Sanada, Forest Rogers, Gerlanda di Francia, Guil Zekri, Hannah Flowers, Ito Chieko, J. Henry, Jana Brike, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Jasmine Worth, Jason Mowry, Joe Vaux, Jeff Echevarria, Jessica Dalva, Jesús Aguado, Jon Carraher, Jon Ching, Jonathan Viner, Jorge Dos Diablos, Josh Keyes, Juli About, Kelsey Beckett, Kevin Peterson, Kim Slate, Kit Mizeres, Kremena Chipilova, Kristin Kwan, Ksenia Buridanova, Lauren Marx, Lavely Miller, Lizz Lopez, Lola Dupre, Lori Nelson, Luis Toledo del Rio, Luke Hillestad, Michelle Avery Konczyk, Miho Hirano, Naoto Hattori, Noah Norrid, Olga Esther, Omar Rayyan, Orphné Achéron, Peca, Phoenix Chan, Rachael Bridge, Richard A. Williams, Richard Ahnert, Roos van der Vliet, Roxanne Sauriol Hauenherm, Ryan Heshka, Simona Candini, Sooj Mitton, Stephanie Inagaki, Stephanie Kilgast, Steven Kenny, Tamura Yoshiyasu, Thomas Ascott, Tom Bagshaw, Travis Louie, Vanessa Lemen, Victor Castillo, Virginie Ropars, Xue Wang, Yousuke Kawashima.

Fable & Folklore Exhibition Preview

We are now delighted to reveal below some of the 80 works, which will be on view at Copro Gallery from 4 May. Enjoy!

Kit Mizeres
“I Saw You On the Night of Kupala” [Gouache and Watercolor on illustration board]
Jana-Brike-Of-the-Sky-and-the-Earth  Beautiful Bizarre curated exhibition Fable & Folklore
Jana Brike
“Of the Sky and the Earth” [Oil on linen]
J. Henry
“The Tinker” [Oil & metallic powder on wood-backed paperboard]
Lizz Lopez
"La Llorona" [Oil on Linen]
Lizz Lopez
“La Llorona” [Oil on Linen]
Hannah Flowers
“The Lady And The Unicorn” [Oil on linen panel]
Jeff Echevarria-Losing-Neverland
Jeff Echevarria
“Losing Neverland” [Charcoal and Graphite powder. Pan Pastels on Somerset Velvet]
Phoenix Chan - fable & folkore exhibition
Phoenix Chan
“Daily Life #11- Maneki Neko on Duty” [Gouache and color pencils on wood panel]
“Nahuali” [Oil on linen]
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
“Ornithomancy: Missive” [Acrylic painting on wood panel]
Tamura Yoshiyasu
“Comet Fox III” [Acrylic, gold leaf on canvas]
Kremena Chipilova
“The Blue Bird” [Oil on panel]
Dewi Plass
“The Curious Cat And Its Innocent Ways” [Acrylics on cradled birch panel]

Chet Zar
"Cyclops" [Oil on canvas]
Chet Zar
“Cyclops” [Oil on canvas]
Josh Keyes
“Big Bad Wolf” [Acrylic on birch cradled panel]
Lori Nelson
“The Portal” [Oil on wood]
Brian Viveros - fable & folklore exhibition
Brian Viveros
“FOLKLORIA” [Oil, acrylic on custom cradle wood panel]
Aron Wiesenfeld
“The Silver Skates’ [Oil on canvas panel]
Calvin Ma
“Yatagarasu” [Ceramic, acrylic]

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