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Despite being born to American parents, Liba Waring Stambollion’s childhood began in Southeast Asia infusing her with an early love of Shanghai reds and golds. Liba moved to the United States as a teenager where culture shock and puberty transformed her radically and she dropped out of school and ran away with the Yippies in hopes of saving the world with ecology, beauty and Love!  

Liba went on to receive a scholarship to go to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Art school inflamed her passion for the arts, but it really didn’t teach her the materials and techniques she uses today.


Artist friends, experimentation and online research did that. She eventually learned various techniques of the old Renaissance masters and realized that she had struck gold. These old techniques of glazing are what really interest her. They make the painting shimmer. As light moves through the layers mixing the colors, the image becomes full of light and saturated colouur.  It is to oil painting that Liba pledges allegiance.


Ultimately Liba keeps herself open to all types of artistic exploration. Creativity is to create that which has not come before. She is constantly inspired and influenced by what she loves and respects.


Liba is the founder of Dreams and Divinities, a project which unites an eclectic and International group of symbolist artists in the name of community and Love. The project showcases a mix of creativity through a series of books and exhibits from prestigious sites and museums to the equatorial forests of Colombia. Liba has organised 29 events for the group and produced four books, three of them for the group.

“Without art, life would be so much less wonderful.”


Liba Waring Stambollion’s work is most definitely symbolist. She paints the sacred expressed through nature or consciousness. Her religion is Love and her best teachers have been strong lucid dreams and plant voyages. Dreams and visions are central to my themes. Liba is very interested in the mysterious fabric of existence, so esoteric or mystic themes with an emphasis on the divine feminine or Goddess, shows up as subject matter for her art.

Even though her style is not visionary, she is often invited to show in visionary art shows based on the nature of her work. Magic realism, fantastic and surrealist art have all been pegged to her style as well.


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