The Detailed and Powerful Illustrations of Gabriel Moreno

Gabriel Moreno is what you can consider a blue chip in contemporary art. Born in 1973, this Madrid-based freelance artist has indeed made a name by himself thanks to several collaborations with prestigious media and brands. But it is his personal work that is captivating the general audience.

An impressive jack-of-all-trades, Moreno is mastering illustration, painting as well as engraving, and merging his many skills into large scale artworks. His mixed-medias masterpieces include many hours of work, with etchings, pencils, inks, markers, watercolors and digital art. Of course, his resume and portfolio are astounding, but moreover, he is also an artist who wonderfully glorifies the grace and strength of women.

They are obviously stealing the show in each of his illustrations. These heroines, bigger than life, seem to defy the laws of nature, both in size, beauty and weightlessness. Their harmonious bodies and hair are flowing with an electric energy. Beyond the hypnotizing eyes of his models, they seem to conceal many secrets, daring us to discover them. Bold and sensuous, they are offering their nude bodies in a tempting, mischievous attitude: an ode to sexual freedom and empowerment.

In ten years, Gabriel Moreno has developed an awe-inspiring talent for storytelling. Indeed, he is creating numerous layers of reading in which the beholder gets happily lost. His heavily tattooed girls are just a clever alibi to hide and reveal symbols of a secret code we are free to decipher while admiring their curves.

The contrast between his intricate dark lines and the whimsical gradients of colors is functioning just like a LSD trip, transporting us to another reality, in a realm of dreams and powerful femininity. Yes, Moreno’s art is positively explosive and exhilarating, an artistic experience both for the eyes and the mind. Just enjoy it.



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